Is DS4 Windows program allowed online for PC?

I used DS4 Windows for my PS4 controller after I discovered me and my brother couldn’t play campaign together when I bought the game for PC in the Microsoft Store (I generally play a lot of my PC games with a PS4 controller). I didn’t know that an Xbox One controller was mandatory prior to purchase.

Anyways now that I finished the campaign, I’m really beginning to enjoy the online and even bought a couple bundles. However I noticed this game has an anti-cheat logo when booting up the game.

I’m kinda worried now, I’d hate to be falsely identified as a cheater, is there a red flag for running DS4 Windows in the background as I’m playing the game online? I really don’t want to be under the risk of a ban just for wanting to play with a controller like a lot of other players…

a quick google search suggests all DS4windows is doing is tricking the PC into thinking the controller is an Xinput device. that shouldn’t trigger the anti-cheat .

I would go and ask TC about it though