Is Demo really, really, really necessary for Boss Rush?

what are the nomad execution and brawler tackle builds?

Nomad Execution build is Menace, Execution Shield, and Faze - I think these 3 cards are a must. The other 2 can be Fearsome Aura and Terror ( the card that extends the fear) or Lifeline ( anyone who kill an enemy in fear gains some Stim).

Brawler - I have to go and check the cards because I don’t remember. Don’t really play as Brawler.

But maybe @SMARTAN_427 and @SNAKEYWAKEY389 cab help you out. They are Brawler extraordinaire :smiley:

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With the Nomad, I favour:

Execution Shield
Nomad Armor
Armored Shot

I just prefer the extra damage resistance; and being able to shoot and bleed things once they’re afflicted by Fear. It helps with heavies or Pouncers which can’t be executed.

With the Brawler (in Horde at least, I don’t like using the Brawler in Escape unless I’m solo-ing a hive), I tend to use:

Torch Tackle
Thrashball Pro
Damage Dash
Perk Up
Killing Time

@Fantazma800 Killing Time extends your ultimate obviously and the gameplay loop you should be aiming for is pretty much: use your ultimate, retreat and build it up quickly again. The idea is to use your ultimate as much as possible. The AOE explosions from All The Glory don’t count as “tackle” kills, so it doesn’t work well with Killing Time, hence why people should leave it out. Also, if you carry a Breaker Mace as you use your ultimate the extra melee damage buff transfers into your ultimate tackles (this doesn’t apply to normal tackles outside of your ultimate, where you will just stop and swing the mace instead of tackle). Just note that enemies like Drones will take into account you having a mace, so they are more likely to roll away from you just like anyone else using the mace. And obviously each tackle you land; and any damage taken while holding the mace degrades its health.

I usually don’t use that card in Horde. Just a matter of preference. I feel that it’s very hard, almost impossible to keep your stim to bleed the enemies.
Unless there is Anchor in your team or CM with Helpful Headshots.

Nomad melts Kestrel if you using the right Markza build, definitely needed if you don’t have a demo

oh yeah also Nomad really good against Snatchers the issue is when you get say a carrier cuz it’s not usually vulnerable like other bosses.

I’m not sure if flock is even in BR but Pilot with mulcher is probably your best bet

Carriers only get tedious when they/you or your teammates are too close to it because it will stop using it’s canker-attak so the Chest-weakspot wont be exposed.

Any indoor map you don’t need a demo and actually don’t want one unless of course the rest of your team is tac, gunner, medic, pilot, engineer etc.

Indoor maps are best tackled with solely cqc classes already mentioned above.

Icebound and asylum have only the helimichopter.
Regency and pahanu have only the bird.

It’s easier to do those out door maps without a demo than other out door maps though it still ends up being easier with a demo as without one the helimichopter and bird necessitate specific base locations, limited movement and usually at least one class with a card/perk setup to defeat them.

There are maps with both the bird and helimichopter that are commonly done without a demo (or very weak demo, which ends up being the same thing) and those are clocktower, dam, river and village. This is because build locations exist on those maps with enough cover to hide an entire team from most of the fliers attacks. The strategy seen then is the fliers are left to last and then (slowly) defeated.

Build locations also exist on every out door map (except harbor and vasgar where you can reliably hide a full team from flier attacks however they’re all either really small or necessitate you to cover left right front and/or back entrances.