Is Demo really, really, really necessary for Boss Rush?

I’m yet to find a lobby for Boss Rush that doesn’t have a Demo.

Last night I joined custom lobby and there was Demo and Anchor.
First, Anchor didnt have bleed on his Boltok… so he mostly used Dropshots and Lancer.
Demo, was running out of ammo, so he used Lancer and Flash grenades.
I joined as lvl 14 Striker on wave 3. By the end of the game I had 3.4 mil in damage.
The second Demo that joined right after me had 3.1 mil

But really, why people don’t want to play this mode without the constant ground shaking?


The mode is very doable. We used to play Boss Rush games on the hardest maps without using demo, tact or blademaster. I still have the videos.

Its just randoms will be randoms.

Also, if you dont have a full group, its hard to get a lobby going on a map thats not on Blood drive or atrium.

It may sound crazy coming from me but a really fun recommendation to do is load up blood drive boss rush and leave the fab where it spawns and just do the “speedrun” setup. Load up with all CQC classes and have people pick which side of the map they want to be on and let loose. It is very fun.

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The answer has already been given…

But I’ll still say that I think most of the random playerbase probably isn’t good enough to handle Boss Rush without a Demo. Especially on those maps that can spawn Wakaatu/Kestrel. Or anywhere that doesn’t let them hide in the furthest back room of a map where only a Flock, Warden or big momma(Matriarch) can reach them.

(I also don’t think it’s a particularly fun mode regardless of team comp so I don’t play it much.)

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Demo is easy and powerful
people want the easy way out
shrimple as that.

I have been playing this game wrong the whole time.
Making it unnecessary harder than it should’ve been.

I’m Jon Snow. I know nothing.

Demo make big boom boom.

Boom boom make brain happy.

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Demo is really good in BR but as several have stated, you can go without him easily.

Shame there is no swarmak in br.

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Would rather have two of those instead of a Chicken/Waak***u/Flying Octopus/Parrot/any other alias for the Waakatu


Its a shame only like 3 bosses can spawn at the same time on the open maps. I want like 8 bosses at the same time. Its supposed to be a boss RUSH.

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I have seen it called tentacle chicken. I usually just go with bird or something equally boring.

On a side note, what do we call Wakaatu killed by Brawler’s flaming damage or a Scorcher? (I’m not going to insert a bad pun here because that’s what people expect.)

Replace Kestrel and bird with more Snatchers or a Swarmak and I’d see no issue. I’ve yet to see anyone claim that the helicopter or an annoying insta down that can pop up anywhere on the map have added much to the gameplay of that mode.

(It would also be slightly more fun if it weren’t spawning so many Carriers to get in the way of CQC but I guess you can’t have it all.)

Maybe if it was a 50/50 chance. 50% chance the wave will have Swarmaks and 50% chance the wave will have a Kestrel. Or just remove the robot helicopter entirely.

No one likes helicopter bosses in videogames.

The one at the end of Rainbow Six: Las Vegas 2 wasn’t bad. And there was one in Mass Effect 2: Stolen Memory DLC (the one involving Kasumi) which was basically a futuristic helicopter-gunship thing which was fairly decent. :stuck_out_tongue:

And on the topic of helicopters, does anyone remember the Strike series from the 8, 16 and 32-bit era (Desert Strike, Urban Strike et al)? Those were my favourite helicopters.

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Meh, it’s a cheap class for weaker players who want minimal effort but maximum output.

to bring a nuance in the answers already given, I would say that if you play in a team 100% random and no chat, a demo or at least a tact is almost mandatory (exception to blood drive or atrium).

Although demo is not necessary, I never won a BR playing 100% with randoms without the ability to give a breath to the team with one button. Even if I lost also a bunch of BR with a demo/tact.

So it is easy and powerful, sure not necessary to win, neither a guarantee for the win.
On a side note, i can see 2 classes really necessary to play BR in the open map : a BM and a Gunner (TB build/stunning explosive)

hi. what are the cqc classes??

Blademaster, Infiltrator, Nomad, Brawler, Protector and Striker.

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Basically any class that has to go face to face with enemies.

Blademaster, Protector, Striker (mace build), Nomad ( execution build), Brawler ( tackle build), Infiltrator.

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thanks for that. i know the skills card to use in cqc for all but nomad. are ppl usin all its fear card instead long range dps card setup? these are what i use but not for cqc:

long range: acceleration, markza mastery, consecutive shot, intimitation and rain down when above ground level or faze if not.

my support: consecutive shot, markza mastery, armored shot, execution shield, and faze. imo op in defense.

cqc: what are the ones for this that others are using? is it similar to anything ive mentioned?