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Is Del The Worst AI Since RE5 Sheva?

I’ve adapted to never rely on him. Never picks you up. Stuck in positions. Takes ages to get to you.

Update: Not exclusively Del but all the characters. Chapter 3 and 4 too.

Didn’t Sheva at least constantly heal you and waste health items? del doesn’t even do that…


Generally it’s not so bad in a classic team of 4. But those missions with 2 are just the worst. Forget the AI.

Yeah that was my one gripe about the campaign…

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Yes. And when you’re having to run away from a supposed ally due to fear and risk of them choking you with healing sprays, you know you’ve reached rock bottom. :grin:

I actually had more of a problem with Dell being too close, often crossing in front of me while I’m trying to gun down enemies. I didn’t really have issues with him not healing me, because quite frankly this game is easier than GoW 4, so it’s just a matter of using methods that work.

I was typically either nipping away from afar, or rushing in, and it’s only when you spend too much time distance shooting that you get constantly bothered by AI blocking your shots, and that they ALL do. I came to find in my Insane run that many places I thought would be too hard to advance forward are in fact not, you just have to time it right.

My bigger gripes come from GoW 4. I used to think it was overall a better campaign, until I tried it on Inconceivable. Most of it on Incon is fine. In fact in every spot I thought I’d struggle, I got through faster than I expected. Then I forgot about that damned Vulture boss battle, and have left off at that spot for days (actually weeks now). I now play other games lately instead of suffering through the futility of it.

IMO it’s OK to have that kind of boss in such a game, but they should have added a checkpoint when the plane engine blows, and they shouldn’t have made it so the Vulture often drops two incendiaries side by side. That’s literally all it would have taken to make it an acceptable fight.

ah the memories of Sheva. did you have to take all the items off her and leave her with just a hand gun if i remember correctly

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