Is Confirmed Kill broken?

Is the Confirmed Kill card for Demolitions Broken as in it doesn’t work? Just ran a horde frenzy match with a Tacticain running interrogation card and I was barely getting about a quarter of my ultimate recharged. I have level 4 spotter support, and Confirmed Kill cards and a level 5 officers prerogative card. Don’t understand why I wasn’t getting at least half of my ultimate recharged with one go.

Works fine for me. Mine varies obviously depending on the number of kills.

It only triggers when an enemy is killed by the immediate explosion (as indicated on the kill feed by the missiles icon). Bleed kills don’t count, although the bleed damage provides its own recharge ticks for damage done.

There is a bug though where if you kill too many enemies with Artillery that it causes the recharge clock to go all the way around, it resets your ultimate recharge meter completely (so the clock goes all the way around and instead of given you another use of Artillery, it has to charge around from the start again).

You also need to remember that faster recharge tends not to be reliant just on immediate kills, but subsequent bleed damage gives you alot of recharge ticks on your recharge meter too. You’ll typically get more bleed-recharge after the first set of waves due to the enemy having more health (so you’re doing more damage to them).


I know about the bug you are referring to. It doesn’t seemed to be that. What it seems to me is that it is not counting the kills while it is still active. Example. Lets say I kill a total of 10 enemies. But I killed 7 while the ultimate was still ongoing. Those 7 are not counted but the three I killed at the very end counts. I used my ultimate on a juvie and Imago wave. Before they got double health. And I still only got about 25% of my ultimate recharged. they didn’t die due to bleed damage. they died outright.

It seems if you kill around 25 enemies with it (level 6) it bugs.

In custom maps that have a lot of enemies, it sometimes glitches out. If you get 25 or more kills in an ultimate with confirmed kill equipped, it’ll glitch out and you’ll have to wait 10 minutes for it to completely recharge again. On normal stuff, you aren’t going to have these issues

It’s inconsistent and can vary from recharging only about 1/3 up to a full recharge if you play with maxed Confirmed Kill and maxed out Ultimate Cooldown in Horde. I still have not quite figured it out but it looked like if teammates mark targets, Confirmed Kill seems to have “more luck” regenerating with Spotter Support but even then it’s still random.

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I’ve tested playing with and without this card and have never had a noticeable difference in cool down.

Card doesn’t work or works poorly. I don’t take it. CD only starts after the ult finishes. So if you marked 5 things, it won’t start cooling down until the 5th rocket went off. This is why sometimes during a boss wave it’s best not to mark anything else, as you’ll gain less ult back.