Is blade master the worst class in the game on the higher difficulties worth playing? General melee problem

Okay so I recently started to level up the blade master and quickly came to believe it is one of the worst if the not the worst class in the game, Im aware the general problem on melee on higher difficulties esp on horde.

I know the class has a venom related bleed card which is unlocked at lv 15 and it could work well with the heal and get damage resist near bleeding enemies which is unlocked alot earlier and is essentially useless without the skill card on escape, and the melee bleed perk on horde is 100% needed to be able to do anything, the mode where melee classes are the least effective.

Also I am sure blademasters passive 30% melee damage resist does not work or is so low it makes no difference in game.

I can’t think of any situation where I would choose blade master over brawler or even protector for melee.

My opinions on the problems blademaster has:

Damage is not good vs any target outside of leeches and juvies which you can only fight one at a time as they can 2 hit down you without the use of the breaker mace and the bleed perk for horde and staying in venom with the bleed card for escape.

The ultimate ability is very lack luster and takes a long time to charge for its power, And in my experience does not even work properly some times, mainly vs ice and salvo scions as sometimes they do not get stunned

All elite drone types can one hit you and not be staggered by normal melee hits forcing you to hit once then jump away only for them to shoot and down you provided you can even get close to elite drones with their super accurate 2-3 shot claws.

Net code in PvE for melee can sometimes completely get you killed and ruin a run this applies to all melee classes as even the brawler class can try to tackle into a enemy only for it to teleport away out of harm.

Melee lunge is really wonky when it decides to even work .

The class has alot of usless skill cards that you would simply never pick and would be better as passives, this applies to a few classes not exclusive to blademaster.

Of course these are my opinions but i believe they are well founded and am happy for someone to explain to me if and why I am wrong and what could be done to bring melee up to the level of the stronger classes. :slight_smile:

For escape blade master is not worthless. Much better than protector. Just takes the right setup and knowing how to play it. I use to main lahni/blade master OP2 and 3. And she could carry through hives. She isn’t as good anymore but if you are in venom she is still very good. On higher difficulties you will be in venom quite a bit.

I can’t speak for horde as I have never played her but I’ve seen them played at a high level even on master

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The Blademaster is many times stronger than the Protector. The Protector’s only advantage is that they can inflict bleed outside of venom.

The Blademaster on the other hand, is admittedly dependent on venom. The Escape experience needs to be much more coordinated and a team effort for the Blademaster to function at their best. If you have team mates running off far ahead then the Blademaster suffers because they are not as strong outside of venom.

But when in venom, Blademaster is much stronger. They’re not a tank like Cole/Brawler - they’re not designed to be. But they are extremely good for fast hit and run strikes. The combination of Venom Resistance, the passive skill, plus bleed and Thrill of The Hunt enables them to heal and jump from target to target, causing a chain of bleed and enemy kills as they go which heals.

What I will say, is that alot of players under-estimate the bleed. They over-commit to multiple melee strikes. Blademaster works best for fast hit and run strikes and players also need to be good at moving effectively and using cover - rolling off and round the edges; rolling around the corners to switch your cover. A levelled up Blademaster doesn’t need to over-commit on attacks. Slash the enemy once or twice, run away to the next target (or into cover to heal) and let the bleed do the work. It’s actually very strong.

On Master difficulty, it’s very much in your interest not to over-commit to melee attacks because they enemy cause so much more damage. Single or double strikes are most recommended depending on the enemy. If you understand the enemy’s behaviour, you can adust this. Scions for example perform that lunging swipe melee, so generally speaking a Blademaster should stick to single strikes before rolling back, and then run in to perform another single strike, and repeat until they’re dead. Going for a double-strike will usually lead to the Scion landing a hit as you try to roll (due to their lunge). Drone-variants don’t have the same lunge range, so double strikes work if you throw your punch first.

Also Lahni doesn’t need ammo to be at her best when you’re using a melee build. She can help backpack extra weapons for other players too.

And lastly, just so people know - when using her Electro-blade ultimate, if she has Shock Chain then the lightning which strikes secondary targets also cause bleed damage when in venom, so this is great for dealing with groups.


Only with venom cards and getting to level 15 to use said card is a pain but if I were wanting to play in venom, Mac, and keegan are far superior choices. I would guess there are people who can use the class well in horde but a person with that good a skill level would still do better as nearly any other class.

Depends on the hive. Some hives don’t have explosives or low ammo. And each class has its advantages and disadvantages. I find mac boring anymore. Keegan is too easy on hives with explosives. Takes like 10 seconds to recharge your ultimate. Lahni is actually fun to play


I agree at the correct level and venom cards blade master is good but still nowhere near as good as mac or keegan imo. And i didnt know the shock chain casused bleed in venom with skill card, thats rather neat.

Well, there’s no doubt that Mac and Keegan are very good, but it’s like comparing apples and oranges, so to speak. They’re totally different classes so I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to compare them directly. Also with Escape, the specific Hive you’re playing is much more relevant because this will often determine what classes you go for. Alot of Hives enable a wider combination of classes, but nonetheless most Hives will have a broadly accepted “A-Team”. If a melee character is needed, then Lahni/Blademaster is up there. Cole/Brawler is obviously very good too, but he’s quite different as well cos he’s a Tank as well.


True hive map does play a factor but generally Lahni is only good in very exact circumstances and is only fun to play past level 15 but playing them up to that point is not fun at all, and yes keegan is a power house on any map with explosives but what i tend to find is people very rarely play maps for fun they want exp and skill cards and the most efficient way to get them which is a wider gears 5 issue of fun vs grind.

But most classes have one or two key skill cards which are unlocked later on. Keegan doesn’t get Shredder until level 12, and Venom Boost until 14 and most Keegan players consider those to be key cards. Cole’s Inner Fire is an important card but that’s unlocked at 13. I think Mac is an exception to the rule as he’s got several decent low-level unlocks which are consistently used by even maxed out players.

I still feel even without them cards for cole, keegan and mac they are still more enjoyable to play especially cole, and they are easier to level up to that point due to being generally more effective at lower levels as well as higher levels, Also all the other classes have much better synergy than blademaster. If i were in a public game even a low level mac or keegan is useful on most maps much more than a low level blademaster and their ultimate’s charge faster especially macs after the recent change.

The Blademaster’s Ultimate is really good with the Venom bleed and with the shock chain card, you can clear entire rooms just with that ultimate. The Blight comes to mind as a very good hive for Blademaster. Ambush helps as a great card to boost her recharge on the ultimate, especially on downed enemies.

Sometimes, the lack of damage can work to the Blademaster’s advantage, by having bleeding enemies for a longer time, it helps if they use the Thrill of the Hunt card to boost survivability. Sometimes, the class that does the most damage isn’t necessarily the best option. I also like that I don’t have to rely on a weapon, or ammo, or another person to refill my explosive ammo. Makes things simpler for me, no fancy ammo management is needed.

I actually find with the Blademaster I have a lot of cards that I swap on different hives, depending on the hive.

Like others have said, the main problem with the Blademaster is that it relies a lot on the venom, which on most hives means going slow. And especially on later hives, they (the hives) have more ammo, which restrict the players want for a melee class. It’s certainly a class that requires a bit of patience and good judgement, as does all melee classes. That’s not a style that suits everyone.

There are some rather strange cards on that class, I do agree, although I could say that about a lot of classes in this game.

And if Blademaster is the worst, you can’t have played Striker. My word. That will change your opinion on everything :joy:. But the Blademaster isnt as good as it used to be, you used to be able to solo hives with that class. You still can to a degree, but it is much more difficult now.


I did poorly with blademaster on high difficulty horde on my first couple of tries but now it’s one of my favorites.

What did blade master have before that was so good? and I’ll be honest I kinda forgot that the striker existed Im sure it used to have a way to make incendiary grenades cause unbelievable amounts of bleed damage with the breaker mace bleed card being able to delete any enemy instantly. And yes if blade master had all its buffs from the cards without the need for venom it would be alot better but in escape you get 3 people so considering all the other options blademaster would be a sub par pick, not as much an issue on horde as you can have 5.

The Blademaster’s Thrill Of The Hunt card previously triggered the healing effects pretty much immediately when near a bleeding enemy. Now there’s a slight delay which has turned out to be crucial.

Why would they even change that? It sounds like it was working as the card says and they nerfed it for no good reason

I wouldn’t say I was in favor of the nerf but she was basically unkillable in venom before. As long as you made sure something was bleeding you were invincible

The delay doesn’t matter so much as the fact that the healing it provides is extremely pitiful and useless while facing larger mobs of Juvies, or anything more than 2-3 Juvies on The Warren.

Then again, Juvies are ridiculous and definitely not balanced garbage so eh…

They are scary. They can easily wipe a team in Horde and Escape.


I’ve done a few Master Horde sessions with Blademaster, its a rough and slow start since perking up is pretty much key but once you have that handled and have a mace, hoo boy you’ll start destroying stuff left and right, there’s more to it then just wandering around slashing at things, you gotta pick your targets and do a lot of hitting and running in between. Staying relatively close to where ever your base is, knowing the map layout and keeping track on how much “health” your mace has is also a good idea. Avoid anything that uses a high firerate weapon (Imagos, Peacemakers, Elite Drones), they’ll chew thru your mace in less then a few seconds.


Blademaster is very good in Horde (brawler, chain, thrill, close damage res, gold) . Invest a couple of perk points in bleed, one or two in speed and a few in the damage resistance - play as BP said, similar to new kait - staying in cover, staying in the short angles, hit and run. Use flash bangs to get out of trouble. Using the breaker mace and the gold card gets the ult back quick. tanky in ult, and the ult can devastate mobs. - perks and that playstyle, then shes a very good DPS CQC role. Breaker mace is alot more forgiving to lag than new kait and cole too.

I dont know the reasons “Lahni” gets kicked from the lobby, its either because she needs her first 10k into her perks, or because of people dont know her potential?

Map dependant. In blood drive she operates best near the covered/columned area. in Allfathers - off to the sides. Perhaps shes not as visible as the JD or Fahz on an open field?

But in answer to the OPs original supposition - its dead wrong.