Is Baird still broken?

I did some testing with Baird this morning (solo), before jumping into a game. I left all the skill cards exactly the same as before the update. Get ready for sentry madness, as his sentries keep everything repaired as long as you hold the Embar and they get credit for the kill. I got robots both times and the shock sentries worked great for trackers, and just regular sentries for everything else to finish them off. I switched out the sentry damage for DBNO before the update, but I see a reason to switch back. All my other cards I left exactly the same. No repair tool needed, just continue holding a precision weapon. Any other feedback on this would be great !

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Hmm, I doubt they intended it to be this way :joy:
Ah well, at least the Bleed glitch was fixed. Or “exploit”, as TC termed it.
Yep, Baird is a very powerful guy :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t you have to still refill the sentries with ammo with repair gun? lol


The repair tool has no effect on the speed or cost when refilling the sentry ammo. It is still a chore to refill the ammo as it was before the update. It only effects the actual repair speed. It cost energy to repair with the tool, but at no significant discount. The sentries do the repairs for free as well as actually using a precision weapon.

Yeah that’s what Im saying, like youd still have to go refill ammo with the gun , but i played with him last night with the sentry cards and it is nice, esp when you pair it on the on that when you get a precision kill you heal your defenses, makes it hella nice

Sorry, I meant the repair skill card. I was scared not to run that skill card before jumping into a game, but now I can fill that slot with a better one. We are on the same page now. I just got a PM that said the trishot did bleed damage, but I don’t think it’s a reliable source. I’m sure there are more things to discover.

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well keep me in the loop, because I got baird to 15 last night and I actually dig him man, I love just shooting one leech or juvie with a precision gun and my base gets full healed and the sentry card is nice!