Is Arcade-mode getting the Escape-treatment?

Almost the same thing, took ages to even get a tiny bit of attention from TC and just like Escape there is absolutely no fix in sight.

Arcade actually got worse. Sometimes you actually get to move but you’re constantly lagging while the game tells you that your ping is below 10.
Other times it takes more than 30 minutes to even get into a working lobby. Good thing TC fixed Quickplay TDM right away though. Really appreciate how selective TC is with their fixes.

Also; just like custom hives Arcade works perfectly fine in custom lobbies. Good luck getting into a lobby with more than 2 players though.

I played it about a week or 2 ago and oh my various gods its an absolute mess now. 1 game the countdown timer to spawn kept restarting, another game was just so laggy I might as well have played a match that happened 2 years ago and of course in another there is the endless scoreboard.

I like Arcade but not enough to put with that BS right now lol. I don’t what is going on but its like the mode is degrading more and more.

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