Is arcade mode broken?

What do you mean? It was 6 stars. If I re-rolled I would have missed on another daily, plus missed on a 6-star daily. Not doing that.

I’ve noticed that when the Wi-Fi internet connection thingy at the bottom of the screen is on you usually have the menu on. I’ve also noticed when the menu is not up and I’m actually able to play the Wi-Fi thing is up but it’ll go away halfway to close to the end of the match. I noticed when players leave the risk of hitting the menu bug runs a lot higher. Let me also say this, whatever the dev did, they did when operation 5 came out because before that arcade mode always worked. At least none of the connection issues that’s happening now, and bugs. Also this is the only mode that I get the Wi-Fi thingy at the bottom. I know it’s not my connection, I’m not going to get into specifics but I know it’s not my connection. Well these problems have been going on since at least January 28th and they still haven’t fixed. I don’t think they will. Please re-release operations once you guys get done making new one’s some of missed content it would be dope to try and get the older content with the new unlock system. FIX ARCADE!!!

Which one? Trouble connecting to servers?

I know that the connection error icon. But it is game related when the only game type I receive the icon in is arcade mode. So like I said with all the people that have trouble with the issue like I said before it’s all tied together. I have a 1 gig connection with a cat6 ethernet connection, so again the error is on the game side. It’s Gears connection error,

It is still broken.

I still find new things that are broken even if I actually get to play. Had a Kait-bot yesterday without weapons in her hands.

@TC_Shauny I’m assuming Arcade is gonna get fixed with next weeks TU considering how fast you guys were with fixing Escalation and TDM in quickplay?

See I told you Arcade mode was broken. Not only was it broke but it was messing with other modes too. See I told you so.