Is arcade mode broken?

I’ve been running into a lot of bugs especially in arcade mode. Not all my skins from inventory aren’t loading, I get stuck and can’t move because the score menu won’t come down. I joined 2 arcade games in a row and they both had no score board or player names., There wasn’t any bots either. I


Seems to be an issue on TCs side where the Server doesn’t sync up with you or something.
I tried tagging @TC_Kilo1062 in a previous thread but as expected, got ignored.


I had an issue yesterday were I couldn’t choose the character I wanted. Only 7 were available. I asked in the game if others were having the same issue and one other replied they had the same. I had to back out and load another game.

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Future content perhaps… Shhhhh😶


No it’s just shitee

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Very insightful and helpful comment. This thread might be more up your alley:

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Arcade has been broken since Sept ‘19.


@TC_Kilo1062 Any comment in the near future or nah?

I had no idea you were an arcade player. No one I know plays it and for me it’s the best versus mode in this game. Have to pair up because I’m usually near the top or MVP and often thought it would be a slaughter with co ordination.

I prefer blitz on most maps.

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Used to be. Not anymore since I don’t feel like waiting a minute every match that the enemies find and kill me so I can respawn.

But yeah, Blitz is probably the best mode when someone actually has to hold the ring.

Ok fair enough, I don’t get that bug. I’ve had others with weapons and character selection but luckily not suffered spawn issues other than at the very start on rare occasions.

Oh yeah, I had the bug where only 7 characters were available and other times the selection would be in reverse.

Recently managed to play an Arcade match from start to finish for my daily and after the game ended I quit out to the main-menu in the results-menu. Ended up being stuck in the loading-screen for 3-4 minutes and could suddenly hear ring-noises i.e. the cling-clong when someone captures it.

No idea what’s even going anymore. Also had a few issues with my Versus-dailies where they often wouldn’t count unless I restarted the game and even then it was a coin-throw.

Arcade is the best mode they have in the game. They could even improve by eliminating the bugs, and cleaning up the matchmaking process. I personally believe arcade is the best game mode. Furthermore how come there’s never any current bots. There’s a pretty big roster of characters for the computer to use other than the base characters, especially the way they are set up now. And why is Standard TDM only 4 players? that sucks.

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I would be glad if I could just play the mode again without jumping through hoops every time.

Email thread on-going, I flagged some stuff I saw such as the random AI killing teammates, etc.

Fingers crossed we can go from there!


@ TC Kilo1062, do the devs want to fix arcade? Is it okay to ask what the active player count is across PC and XBOX? Because sometimes it feels like there’s no one on. And please fix the menu not going away issue, because after searching for like 7 minutes just to have that happen sucks.

I would like to add as a EU player UK based for me there’s no more populated mode to get quick and competitive games. I get a game in under a minute and it stays populated for as many hours as I want to play.

If it wasn’t for Arcade I wouldn’t touch pvp on this game.

Please remove Arcade-based daily objectives until you fix Arcade. It took me a whole day to win 5 matches because 9 times out of 10, I would be put in a screwed-up lobby.

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Why would you not just re-roll it. You lost far more stars than just doing that if it took you all day!

What a coincidence. The stuck on scoreboard bug keeps happening to me now. Never had this before.