Is anything going to be done about the knifing?

Everywhere I go I either get 2 pieced (Gnasher shot followed up with a knife melee)= insta down , and it’s becoming really overwhelming to handle because the knife is literally guaranteed to hit you no matter what, so is anything gonna be done about it ?


Hope so. I predicted early on that everyone was going to start doing this in a matter of weeks when they find out how OP the melee is in this game compared to previous titles and we’re about to come to that point I think. Even people who despised it are starting to do it because they feel they have to.

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Nope, it’s working as intended by TC. It’s their wet dream come true.


Do find it strange that the Markza is being tuned when I literally haven’t seen a single person mention it as being too strong. But something like knife lunging has gone completely ignored.


I’ve purposefully remapped my B button so I want make a mistake and use. I’ll rather just die before knife lunging. People can play how they want to, but I like a good ole gnasher battle.


Yeah I’d never stoop to making shoot-lunging a habit but when I notice somebody else doing it I just make a mental note of the character/weapon skins they’re using and adapt how I approach them accordingly. Like not getting close, or even doing it back to them lol.


I got into a frantic Gnasher battle yesterday, ran out of ammo, panicked and knifed an enemy to down and finish them after wounding them with the Gnasher. I felt ashamed and dirty afterewards. I messaged them to apologise. :neutral_face:


Nothing will be changed if people keep praising Gears 5 and supporting it by playing the game instead of not playing it and giving TC flak for giving us Gears Judgment 2 . Everything about Gears 5 is Gears Judgment in a nutshell. They’re even going to add FFA or so I’ve heard. I’m glad I uninstalled and if Gears 6 is anything like 5 I wont even support them by clocking in a single second into the game.

Only real pros know that the B button is reserved for chainsaws. Well, not anymore, but you know what I mean.

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Same here goes along with ranking system too many people complaining it and not a single change, I bet the Esports players requested that markza was over powered and they listened to them.

The Markza is actually insane right now for anyone who can hit shots; better than the Longshot even.


I imagine it makes the most difference in Escalation, which I get the sense most people don’t play. Unlimited deaths in KOTH means people will take less notice of how they die whereas in Escalation if you get killed three times with a Markza you’ll take notice

They should make the game automatically uninstall if you knife after a shot.


Or an automatic ban, that alerts the police to the player’s exact location so the Gestapo can haul them off to the labor camps where they can live their dreams by meleeing rocks all day, every day.


I personally find the Boltok much more oppressive, in KotH at least where everything is mid/close range. I can dome somebody with a Boltok before they even have time to register they’re being shot at lol.

But yeah I could see the Markza being especially strong for defending a hill in Escalation with the current fire rate/recoil values.

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I hate the knife with a passion. The lunge is a crutch for scrubs/noobs/crap players who can’t win a fair gnasher battle.

I’ll happily do it back to them over and over and over and over until they rage quit though. They need a taste of their own scummy medicine.

@TC_Octus can you please get the team to add a delay before you can melee after shooting? Please? This is a far greater issue than the markza tuning.

Also get them to add damage falloff to the Lancer whilst you’re at it.



It will eventually be slightly nerfed. But as much as I cringe while typing this, I believe that the two piece will always be a viable mechanic going forward. If it got through playtests and they haven’t nerfed it yet after pro players and massive amount of casual fan complaints, then I don’t see any major nerfs coming, ever.

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Unfortunately the crowd, such as myself, who started playing from Gears 1 is dwindling, and the new crowd of players brought in is just disgraceful (not the only game to be honest). Cheap tactics and everything else to avoid fair fights. I personally hate using the knife but if i get caught in a game of players who use them on me more than once, I will retaliate with it till they wish they never did.

I think the only thing that could be done is make these players wish they never used a knife by destroying them or by nerfing the damage on the knife. But that would be changing the knife from its original state as its always been 2 hits since Gears 1.

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