Is anything being done about the Grind?

Me and my friend had been looking for an online experience for us to play together and Gears 4 fit perfectly, I played the original trilogy and he never played a single one. We played Gears 4 for months, unlocking all the best skins and harnessing our skills to be able to take on the best, but it was filled with wall scripting, aim botting, cover hacking cheaters which just ruined it so was time to switch and upgrade to Gears 5 which is thankfully anti-cheat. We love this game, the campaign, the visuals, BUT THE GRIND is next level!

Everything feels horrendously punishing for anyone trying to simply unlock something they wanted, It’s just too little reward for too much effort, I play every time with my friend and we are still considered new allies with +2%xp bonus and we play it at least twice a week every week for the last couple of months. I wasn’t a fan of Gears 4 Lootboxes, not a fan of lootboxes in general, but they were pretty well balanced. You could easily get an elite box after an evening session which could drop a legendary, which you could scrap towards getting something you actually wanted. This tour of duty tho is awful, I can’t believe I actually long for a lootbox system, yes you can unlock some things in game but its gruelling work and doesn’t even seem worth it. +5 Scrap drops, a cursor icon, a bloodspray that no one will ever see are what you usually get for each level up. Levelling up not satisfying for you? How bout upping your medals and earn either +5 Scrap drops, a cursor icon, a bloodspray that no one will ever see, you might even get lucky and earn the most basic weapon skins in the game, but don’t run out of objectives because you only get another 1 for free then you gotta use that iron that can only be replenished by…wait how do you get Iron, I’ve not been given Iron once in the entire time I’ve been playing this game. Obviously all the best skins, iron even boosters to help you level up can be bought for money.

We loved the game but we have gotten fed up with the grind it puts a sour note on every victory or achievement in the game and there is no way in hell we would part with more of our money for such obvious cash grab tactics, for the first time since getting into gears 4 we’ve started talking about finding a new franchise.

So as a message to the Devs I gotta say, this tour of duty, this reward system in general is too punishing, it needs rethinking and needs to be more consumer friendly and less squeezing your fan base for all its worth. Also the argument that it’s free and easier this way is ridiculous, something designed to be hard and tedious for free and achieved instantly with money is a squeeze. Your up against free to play games that reward better than this, when I decide what I want to do with my free time I have a million entertainment options, this was one of my favourite I was even talking to some guys at work to get the game and join us and now when they ask I say it’s Grindy as hell might as well wait for it to lower to next to nothing for the campaign or just watch the cutsceens on youtube. This is what i’m saying, Gears isn’t in the position where it can say screw u, i’ll give you a lil something and the game mechanics will keep you coming back for more, it obviously won’t coz it hasn’t worked on us. When your buisness model is this dogmatic all you make is a quick buck, if you are more consumer friendly the growth and regular returning players not just give you long term return but also help towards the reputation of the next game.

Would love to hear your thoughts T.C sorry if it came across a bit harsh, but wanted to be honest before we jumped ship.


The tour of duty is designed for most players to complete most of it in 3 months of regular gameplay. I did it I half that time.
If you try to “grind” it, then yes it can seem a bit much.

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I dunno man, like I said I play this game a few times a week for 2-4 hours a session and I’m no where near where I need to be to unlock anything. How often do you play to have gotten everything in a month and a half?

About the same.

I hit General at five weeks. A big part of that was trying to figure out how to cheese my way through medals.

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I hit General in Week 5 with 60% tour medal completion and I didn’t pay for Iron. I don’t put money in Gears. What helped was the Tour Of Duty Medal Strategy and Discussion thread and I just followed what people did to get their medals done.

What’s annoying me most is the grind for horde skills, completed 50 waves on insane difficulty with a level 17 Del three times this week and I’ve only got 3 purple skills which have all been the team score boost one and the rest blues and greens and so many of those being duplicates that I can’t do anything with.

I am going to play a few more games this weekend as my boost time runs out after and if I don’t get some worthwhile skill cards, I am giving up on the grind.

It’d probably pay off more just to level the other characters and finish off the purples with scrap.

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OP probably could have knocked out half the Horde medals in custom lobbies in the time it took him to write this thRead.

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To be fair to TC, and let’s not forget they get a LOT wrong…I think it is somewhat unfair to moan about a grind when the game has been out for around 6 weeks.

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Lots of people are complaining about the fact that it takes 10 hours of gameplay for a character. I think they forget that

  1. These characters are permanent
  2. You don’t actually use that many characters
  3. The game has barely been out for any length of time and 10 hours of gameplay really isn’t that much at all
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I hit General last night, with no Iron spent and just regular gameplay. There is what, 10 weeks left? You’ll be fine OP.

I finished the ToD in under a month. The grind isn’t hard, especially not if you get the medals and do the double-star Saturdays.

:slight_smile:I suppose they did do themselves no favours by not allowing all Tokens to be activated at once ?
But even with that, I like you do not see a massive issue. I think I unlocked the Warden in around 6-8 hours, so 3 nights gametime.

Yeah and it’s annoying that you have to play both PVE and PVP, but it’s really not that big of a deal. People now want to unlock everything literally the day it comes out. Does everyone forget that the Onyx skins and Golden Hunter/Miner skins in Gears 3 took forever and you realistically had to grind against bots?

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■■■■. Everyone that plays gears is a ■■■■■ snowflake nowadays

Yeah it’s very disappointing, there is hardly anything to even get excited about, it seems like the only good stuff cost iron to get. I don’t see how anybody can disagree with u