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Is anyone watching the tournament for weapon skins

I’ve been watching but not getting any of those weaponskins. Even though I’ve claimed everything. What gives?

Restart the game? There’s a big delay in them appearing in your inventory but restarting seems to help.

Hey thank you finally popped up hehe.

What skins? Dumb and can’t find nothing.

Surf weapon skins, I got the claw, enforcer, longshot and one other. I didnt watch yesterday.

Lancer, gnasher, snub…in store i believe :thinking:

They pop sort of every hr or so…u dont have to watch constantly…chap called mark on here has been telling peeps on here…when there ready to claim…once there up im not sure how long u av to claim them…hope that helps.

Well, at least I’m not missing anything. Skins are ugly.