Is anyone noticing a gnasher delay?

Last night i played a match of FFA and instantly noticed a delay in the gnasher.
Ill be honest. I cant remember if it was happening after bouncing then trying to fire etc etc but it was night and day from the last time i played ffa when i had the xbox one. Im playing on the series x so if anything …it should feel smoother.

But i feel like tc ghost updated something with the mechanics.
Movement felt really slow also. But couldnt be sure because the game always feels slow.

Maybe it wasnt my day to have ghost host but something feels / felt really off.
Basically just turned the game off after the match. Just sick of the game playing different every single time i turn it on.
Sick of the game feeling stiff af.


I don’t know about a delay but i’m noticing a lot of 99% well within chunk range.

I feel like i have a 2x damage modifier on me and 10x the hitbox size anybody has.


Oh. But thts how it always is. Especially in ffa with the latin am players and 3rd world country internet with 100 plus ping.

Its very apparent tht there is a serious advantage when the high ping players constantly at the top of the leader board.
It cant be coincidental Tht much.

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Tell me about, i’ve noticed people with 120+ ping eat shots like it’s their favourite food.
I’ve been in lobby’s with 3 ping before with everyone else on 180+ it’s painful.
I get chunked from Narnia constantly while i get 57% on a full spread when i’m in their face.
I feel like i tickle my opponents with a feather while they hit me with an anvil to the head.

Not a fan of the current tuning, or the beta tuning playlist but i can’t be bothered to complain about it anymore.
It wont get sorted, TC don’t know what they want from their own game and are very reactionary to everything so the tuning changes more than my girlfriends mood.
I think all these tuning updates and changes are just creating a bigger and bigger divide between players.
Personally, not interested anymore. If i enjoy it i’ll play it if not there’s other Gears games to be played.


I played against you in ffa

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Did we? i can’t remember lol. GG if we did, cool to see someone else from the forums in the game.

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Yes, the shotgun definitely feels “off” again after the update …but hey …what do I know? I’ve only been playing this game 10 years.

It’s bothersome when in FFA matches you miss first place by 2 or 3 kills when you have
1 hit 98%’s like 7-8 times per match

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Sponging, lag compensation, bullet Magnetism, game coding and the advantages of being good on alt settings are the problem I would say it’s just ping, people on low ping sponge too

I’m not sure why , and I’d love to hear a proper explanation of this. I’ve found that FFA matches tend to be the worst in terms of lag, sponging, delay etc.


Does anyone actually read any of the patch notes? A simple Google search will give you all the answers

  • Added a slight delay to firing after cancelling a slide: 0s -> 0.15s
  • Increased the delay from firing when aiming out of cover from 0.1s -> 0.2s
  • Reduced the base player acceleration by 17%
  • Cover Slip (Up A) modifier decreased from 1.66x -> 1.6x
  • Reverted the roadie run speed down to 480 from 500
  • Removed the speed boost gained by performing cover actions
  • New: Sliding will now take into consideration acceleration, previous as soon as the player entered a slide, they would immediately reach the max speed of 600uu/s. Now we have set the initial speed of the slide to 300uu/s with an acceleration rate of 2000uu/s2. This means the character will feel like they have more weight while maintaining the fluidity of movement.

Learned to accept that every match plays different due to lag compensation an all that b.s i was in a match everyone had triple digit pings an shotguns felt like shootin bazookas

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Yuuuup. Add that onto the list of being gibbed by players that walk around with zero movement from ten miles off the eastern seaboard.

Those patch notes only apply to the Beta Tuning Playlist, nobody is talking about that in this thread.


The gansher is sometimes really bad even in Versus A.I… :neutral_face:
But at least with the help of the All Mighty Knasher, I could be an MVP in KOTH… with 0 caps and 0 breaks! :crazy_face:

The reason i quit gears 5


I’m Australian playing on US servers at 140-180 ping.
It’s an insane disadvantage from damage received, to shots to down, chunk range, lancer damage and damage you take.

Honestly, if you don’t play high ping you couldn’t even comprehend how much harder it is.