Is anyone not getting Midnight Omen skins?

If its not a guaranteed drop when finishing the 25 waves then ok I’m fine with that

If it IS, then I’d like to report I’m not always getting one when the game ends. I’m trying to collect them all and I am only missing the Lancer, Enforcer and the T.Bow

I scrap any duplicates so I can keep track, and after some games I don’t get any, and I have no new or duplicates in my inventory, any suggestions?

Also, why can’t the COG versus characters use the Midnight Omen skins?


It should be a guaranteed drop for an omen skins. As for the cog character not using the skin is because to many people were complain how they get confuse of both teams using the omen and syndrome skin.

That’s a bit weird then that I’m not always getting them

And ok thanks for the clarification