Is anyone getting masters in TDM in op 4

Is anybody getting masters in TDM since they took full squads away?Ive seen a lot of master players in gold 3 and onyx.To me it feel impossible to get out of onyx considering there’s a 1500 entry fee.You pretty much win 3-5 matches in a row and one loss that all goes down the drain.You gotta win dam near 90% of your matches to get masters.On top of that you have to do it with at least 2 randoms.I don’t understand why tc wants to pick TDM to use as a experiment.First they make it 4v4 and then do solo and duos only.In my opinion this is horrible and just makes it feel like a punishment for TDM players.I must give TC credit for making TDM now the hardest mode to get masters.


yea true, i gave up getting master torque, its stupid to play with 4 vs 4


Yeah man, it really is damm near impossible. Ive played you plenty of times before and i know youre worth masters in TDM.

Same with a bunch of other really good players whom i recognize.

It seems the P3 guys moved to gears 4 for tdm.

Ive hears the 4v4 duo thing is to shave down wait times, but it seems people have no problem finding original TDM matches on gears 4…

This new TDM is atrocious honestly. I played Blood Drive the other day and the other team won because they refused to leave their side of the map. It was so dreadful and boring.


They don’t care about us TDM players.

That’s that.

TDM is a wrap.

Even if they fixed it I don’t think I’d play since TC gave me a headache & need me to whine & B**** to get a mode that’s stood for 10 years.

I’m over TDM.


not with the change to 80/20 in favor of winning vs personal performance

but this is what the community wanted, never losing Rank on a win.

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Can’t stand blood drive and checkout.The most campiest maps so they brought them back makes no sense.

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I like them both for KOTH, but for TDM those maps can be quite a drag.

Sometimes checkout isnt such a drag for TDM, but usually it is.