Is anyone even remotely excited for the Mid-drop?


New map (or characters) don’t excite me at all. And I have my doubts that TC is gonna fix a ■■■■-ton of PvE-issues.

NG Collection releases on thursday; that’s gonna keep me away from Gears for a long time.


I just want a New Fuxking Class.

A CQC Class in Supportive Role.

Named - Reflector

And also being fixed my fuxking In-text Game Chat in Steam Version.

There won’t be new classes anymore. Pretty sure that was confirmed months ago already.

“Promised can be Broken” by TC :wink:

But I would like to have Diamond Card - Above Gold Card - New Experience

Only Master above Difficulty can Grind for that.

That’s also what they “confirmed” for Black Steel… well, then again, that’s not so much on those who work on the game but whoever runs the eSports section of things.

And new maps for Horde do not excite me much at this point. They often either barely change the gameplay anyway, or they aren’t very good for the mode.

KOTH 5v5 in Competitive is all I’m waiting for
Control can can go to another franchise


But that was to promote their precious Esports-scene. Which TC really seems to care about for some reason. Can’t say the same about PvE.

I have a hard time getting excited for new stuff.

All I want is a new Escape map and leaderboards reset. Don’t really care about the skins.


Honestly, not one bit. Not even in the slightest. I am actually playing less and less now. I doubt they will drop something that will increase my time on this game, and even the tour doesn’t have me playing my usual time lol.

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So long as that Versus movement tuning is in place, no. No interest whatsoever.


Koth/tdm for comp.
Control/brawl for qp

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that too

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Are they changing the tuning or you don’t like current tuning? I hate the current tuning

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Tbh tc already shown they love to test stuff and just leave us to guess
Wish they say more

Honestly as long as they fix the OP freezing grenadiers I’m good with that

New drop means a chance I get to see more Hivebuster skins, so yes, I’m a little excited. Can’t wait to play as Tak too.

They’re not changing it, unfortunately.

I agree, I despise this tuning with every fibre of my being. It completely ruins Versus for me. It’s slow, boring and pathetic all round.

I still get excited for the new stuff.
Sadly the broken stream of crud that comes with it causes that excitement to be completely marred by “bleh”.

maps maps maps maps maps

If they release a port of Raven Down or maybe another underplayed Gears 4 map (Relic, Dawn, etc.) it’ll be a success, if not just be boring.


Relic & Dawn were some of my favorites

Miss Garden and Old Town also

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I could go with a slice of Old Town. But only if its the Gears 3 look.