Is anyone else having issues with games recording?

Has anyone noticed their game results not being recorded. I know ranked matches only go off of wins and MVPs.

I played 7 matches between last night and this morning on KOTH but only my losses were recorded. Not my wins. I went 5-2 during my games. I’m still sitting at 63% on my Gold 3. I was at 65% prior to the system not recording my wins.

Before anyone says it, In the past I still ranked up after people quit on the opposing team, when I played weaker competion, and when I came in last place on my team. As long as my team won, I ranked up.

For the most part played against at least one or two OYNX players, one guy quit right at the end in only one or two matches, and I only came in last place on my team only once. Can I get some clarification on what is happening?

visit the main ranking discussion thread you should find some answers there

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