Is anyone else having issues going

To gnash but pulling out smoke instead?

Or am i just too drunk?

How about a little bit of both😉

Long Live Guardian!


Ive never had that, but opposite side of the directional pad I’ve pulled out a Snub instead of a Gnasher many times on both 4 and 5… even when I know 100% I pushed left.


As of late it’s been happening to me with the smoke grenade, but only with this latest update. I remember doing it occasionally back in the day just because I hit it wrong. But now it seems to be legit just messing up. For me anyway…

Long Live Guardian!!!


Yea, seems to be taking more…OR I’m just messing up.

Honestly OP you might want to get your prostate examined.

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Of course you’re thinking about my prostate…

Aye, daily. Why?

Oh, I only read the thread’s title.

Anyway, let’s see…

Yes, you’re at that level of drunkenness. :+1:

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Just remember when you swap from your Lancer/Gnasher/Pistol to a Nade, after you’ve used it, it will automatically swap back toyour previous weapon. essentially you dont have to hit your D pad to swap back.