Is anyone else having a lag issue when at stable ping?

“Stable ping”!? :thinking:

Yes. Stable ping and a stable hardwired connection. The thing is that all these loading or refresh lags are really new since some few weeks. I play this game since Op3 or 4 and never experienced these issues.
It seems that it was raised also by others players (versus or also PVE).
It affects only (at least for me) loading profile and XP progress but also when refreshing lobby list (with or without filter) and, last but not least, lag during the countdown.
This last effect can make you think that you can still adapt your class/cards for the team. So I missed sometimes the swap (yesterday I played a master BR as a CM while it was plan to bring a Tact … it was a bit tough :slight_smile: )

ive been seeing these a lot on the forums but im in toronto canada and no lag for me here

My lag issues started up again 2 days ago. Doesnt matter what I do, bullet lag, rubberband, etc. Makes the game no fun, especially when people know how you normally play and take advantage. My ping normally is around 25-30. I have it set to lower ping matches only. Still lags.

Yep mine are worse than ever. Almost a whole second delay some games.