Is anyone else having a lag issue when at stable ping?

I’m having an issue where my internet is fine, at a stable 20-30 ping each game, but I’m teleporting like I’m having connection issues. I remember watching an Avexys vid and he was saying there is server lag. I don’t know if this an issue with anyone else, but TC if you see this, please fix it. Making the game annoying to play right now.

A lot of us have been and are having issues, we have a few threads about it, Ghost was going to reach out to TC.


Yes. Seems to be happening in all modes in the last month or so. Affects PVE too, even when I’m hosting games and the ping is between 1-5; or even when I’m playing alone. Also have had lots of delays in screens loading - for example when I start the countdown in lobbies there’s a big 10 second delay between me pressing the start button to the timer starting; delays in PVE skill cards and character appearing onscreen after a game; and big delays in the Tour Of Duty and Friends List tab appearing immediately following a game.

The lag is fairly momentary though - only lasts a couple of seconds for me, but it occurs probably once every hour of gameplay as an average I guess.

This. It is really noticeable, happening all the time now and since 2 or 3 weeks.
It could be nothing else than a waiting lag if it doesn’t make you missing a class or cards swap when preparing yourself in a lobby.
Thanks to @GhostofDelta2 for having taking care of this

The delay in the countdown timer is especially annoying. It’s not a case of the timer actually having started but doesn’t display. When the timer appears it starts at 10 seconds (rather than skipping straight to 3 seconds as if it had already started). So I’ve had some situations where other players have left during this delay because they probably thought I was AFK.

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All you do is go to your settings and then go to matchmaking and change it to lower ping it will fix it straight away

@Bleeding_gobshite did u try this ?:wink:

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OMG thank you thank you thank you! You have made this the best day of 2022!

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PS: I hope you remembered to turn on your sarcasm detector. You shouldn’t need to turn it all the way up. :wink:

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Its always on.

This should be part of the forum rules.

Looks like there’s been an update… after how long exactly?


Just played a few matches and I also have good ping and great internet, And i constantly have that icon and im teleporting… Very annoying…

no wonder i cant beat malfunction on masters blade master because of recent lags and kicked outs lol

My settings have always been on lower ping. I’m still having issues.

I live in California and have been experiencing connection issues to the server for weeks… packet loss icon, rubber banding, long load times, getting kicked out of matches, tons of lag, etc… I am constantly being banned from ranked play because servers are kicking me out and the game thinks I am quitting. I could understand if these issues were only happening over a couple of days, but this issue has been going on now for weeks. This is unacceptable. Coalition, please fix your servers!

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I had teleports two months ago, they’re gone after 2 weeks.
I currently have a server-side frame drop about 4 times in the evening, but that’s not so bad, the ping is good
‘EU server’

Seems good now yall.

Also I joined a Versus AI game yesterday to compete some daily challenges and everyone had a ping of over 200. And sometimes the matchmaking for this takes a long time and I can’t cancel out of it (I had to dashboard myself).

Had something similar yesterday but horde, joined a lobby that had 3 ping bars but we all had 150ish ping, 1 person was 300 plus. That match played fine which was wierd.

I don’t know if it is the proper thread (tag Versus while people report issues in any mode).
I can’t speak for Versus but the server fix did not change anything concerning profile loading delay or lag during lobby browsing.
Refreshing the lobby list takes a longer time and sometimes you can’t see that the countdown has already started.
I tested different period of the day during the we (except middle of the night western EU) and there is no influence.
I don’t know if it is linked to Versus lag/rubber band/teleporting but all these issues occurred in the same time.
It is really annoying and I expect there could be more complains. I wonder if this downgraded situation is general or not.