Is anyone else getting placed in bronze?

I smacked people in 2v2. Even went 7-0 in two of the games without dying and got placed bronze one.

Did my 5 Guardian matches and got Bronze 2 with getting MVP in one of them and the other 4 matches I was extremely close.

My friend who placed in Onyx 1 in TOD 1 and makes it to Masters 1% in a few games after that in any mode got placed in Bronze I’m KOTH and he got MVP all five matches.

Is it just me and my friends experiencing this or did TC change something?

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Seems so: Ranked placement issue -Tour 2 -Please post your initial placement here

I hadn’t played rank for 2 or so months after hitting Masters and I was placed in Bronze 3 after the big reset.

I feel it’s normal for this to happen and you should rise out of there quickly. I think most people are just upset about it because that pretty much just means more “grinding” which they say this system isn’t about.

There are other problems (was also masters on two accounts in season 1):

  • it makes placement matches pointless.
  • points have always been broken in bronze compared to other tiers. I’ve not been in bronze previously, but played with friends ranked bronze who were getting like 70 points for a win + MVP and losing hundreds to thousands for losses. If it’s still like that, the grind is going to be tedious.

I don’t understand TCs obsession with placing everyone so low. It seems they’ve taken out being placed at silver now also, which was dumb enough to begin with.

Well, when I played from Bronze 3 the last couple weeks I wasn’t really dropping any games and was gaining 1 to 2k points at a time per match performance. I had that momentum all the way up to Onyx 1 where the big leaps were more like 1- 200 points give or take. The bigger leaps in Diamond were more like 60-70 points for an exceptional performance, 30 for good one and 15 for a ‘you did your job and won’ . Alternatively , I’d say you could fall by the same amount but for the most part i’d even out around 0-15 or so points.

From my experience, I feel like drastic point swings happen way more often in lower ranks like Gold/Silver because it’s much easier for you to exceed or fail to meet the systems expectations for your performance. The most points I think I lost at a point was like 200 or so in Onyx but that’s also in line with how much I was gaining per match at the time.

I do agree that placement matches are pretty whatever at this point.

As much as it annoys me that I placed bronze despite a solid 5 placement games, if the points are aren’t like my friends reported in bronze prior to the last season 1 reset for the classic Vs gamemodes, that’ll be ok.

Problem is that the points in 2v2 are exactly like I described above. 70 for MVP with a good K/D, for a close match, you’re looking at around 33 points.

That’s ludicrously low for bronze.

Seemingly the Bronze placement is becoming more crowded than a Japanese subway train when there’s a sale on silicone women.

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2v2 is still Execution style matches right? I’d imagine it be much harder to do anything there with less kills available. Probably have to out due your partner by a lot.

The system kinda works the same to it’s detriment for every mode, definitely something that needs to be looked at.

It’s execution rules yeah.

The thing is that the score per min is really high. Started off at 750 SPM and ended the night at about 550.

So as the ranking system seems to heavily weight SPM, it might be ok.

Please use the thread linked above.