Is Anyone Else Disappointed With the Hammerburst?

So I know that the HB is a sore topic for a lot of people from Gears 4 and 5, but after revisiting the previous Gears games I can’t help but scratch my head over it.

Gears 1 we had the Hammerburst AR (basically the HB equivalent of the Retro Lancer) it was six-round burst and presumably a lower caliber than the current Hammerburst II.
Gears 2 and 3 we had the semi-auto Hammerburst II, furthermore we had the ability to ADS with the iron sights in 3.
Gears Judgement had the brilliant idea to have BOTH of the previous models accessible to players (albeit through pre-order).
Gears 4 we get a three-round burst take on the Hammerburst II which many people thought was appropriate (myself included) and it did a hefty amount of damage. (In retrospect, not the best choice for a starting weapon in terms of balancing).
Gears 5 we get a six… round… burst? Like the Gears 1 HB? Hell, it doesn’t even feel all that much stronger than Gears 1’s. In PvE however, enemy Hammerbursts are three-round burst still… I get the changes were for PvP but why does the PvE player HB feel so pitiful? It’s a battle rifle like the Retro Lancer, it should be beefier if you ask me.

I suspect the CLAW is the likely the future of the Swarm’s weaponry so the Hammerburst is likely going to be an afterthought going forward.

Anyway main question: What would people say to having both Hammerburst variants again? The pseudo-automatic six-round burst one and the beefy semi-automatic/burst-fire one (with maybe a select fire function)?
It doesn’t make much sense from a lore perspective I know but does anyone care about that in multiplayer? I see this as more likely for Gears 6 (assuming TC actually takes notice of forum posts like these) even if they weren’t in at launch. They could do a sort of “Forgotten Weapons” update that includes the Booshka, Hammerburst AR, Sawed-Off, Gorgon, One-Shot, Mortar, Breechshot, and/or Stim Gas.
:man_shrugging: I dunno I’m hopeful for this franchise and don’t see any point to single-mindedly ■■■■ on TC lest they become spiteful of their own fanbase.

Edit: I’ll link both wiki articles so people can read up at their leisure.
Hammerburst Assault Rifle | Gears of War Wiki | Fandom
Hammerburst II | Gears of War Wiki | Fandom

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I miss the semi automatic Hammerburst


I just call it HB Mk 3 most of the time. Since T.C. for some reason thought it would be wise to mix the two weapons together

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4 after the nerf was the best version IMO. 5’s is viable in PVE and PVP - I like the state it is in.

As much as I loved semi automatic (Gears 2 was the most fun I had with it), I wouldn’t want it to come back.

Exactly. The two forms should be available. I’d prefer the Semi-Auto, my favourite, but I know that’ll never happen.

I’ve complained about this weapon numerous times since Gears 4. It has been seriously mistreated by TC. It was bad enough that it magically went back to burst (It must have evolved like the Scions) but then they removed it from loadout entirely.

They then continue to make it pretty much hopeless in Gears 5 and even took it out of Blood Drive as a final kick in the teeth.

60FPS, at least, Gears of War 3 and Gears 5’s Ultimate Edition case & disc will fly gracefully out the window. It will be uninstalled before it lands.

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If you say so… The one class that gets a card for it doesn’t even see much use of it since the CLAW does more.
It just doesn’t feel right to me. I’d at least like it to get headshots like the Retro Lancer.
(It’d be OP for PvP but they can be different between PvE and PvP like the Overkill).

I feel like it does it’s job when I play as tactician or Marcus’ class.

I don’t like the claw though in general with the slow reload, bullet cooldown, and active meter. I would much rather use other weapons like the hammerburst.

To each his own.

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Best Hammerburst was on Gears of War 3

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I loved the HB in Gears 2 and wish it was still here, in both PVE and PVP.

Gears 3 Hammerburst was the best. Felt really satisfying to use… and I often swapped it out with my lancer as a loadout weapon in multiplayer.

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