Is anyone aware of problems with the dailies-no credit

Their seems to be major issues right now with the Game since the rollout of the DLC. I just did my dailies twice and got 0 Credit for any of it. Didnt get my xp. Didnt get my Cards…Others are having this issue, yet I see nothing on the forums from anyone @TC addressing this…saying they are aware…saying they are working on it.
Nothing seemed to work right with this weeks update. Nothing new in the store. Hivebuster Clayton sat their at 250 iron(I was waiting to buy this week for Gears coins) WHAT AM I MISSING HERE? HELLO-DOES ANYONE KNOW THEIR ARE PROBLEMS WITH THE GAME RIGHT NOW? @TCSERA You seem to reply…are the powers that be aware of major issues with the game right now? Are they working on it? Thank you

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