Is anyone able to download Gears 4 on PC at the moment?

Hey there,
I’m unable to download gears 4 on my pc. It freses even before the download starts, when it’s “acquiring licences”.

Code: 0x803F8003

I have already downloaded it and played it when it was free on games with gold, I bought a month just for this game.
Now when I try to redownload it, I can’t. I tested it on my tower and on my laptop, same issue. I reset them both, and the issue persists. Is anyone here able to redownload these games.
I am able to redownload other games, like Forza Horizon 3, the issue is really with this one.
Is anyone here able to redownload it? Then I’ll know if it’s an issue with my account or with their servers.

I was able to download it a few weeks ago. Haven’t tried since.