Is anybody into dodgeball?

It feels like I’m never seeing anyone talk about them taking away ranked dodgeball. That without a doubt was my favorite game mode in gears 4. I want it back. Tell me how you feel.


I quite like it, it is in co-op at the moment at least.

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Whenever I see dodgeball related threads I instantly think of real-life dodgeball which I play in real-life.

Then when I read the thread I’m left disappointed. :frowning:


It is but its wrapped up in a trash non rank with other game modes. I dont like that.

Yes I wish their was ranked

I don’t care whether it’s ranked or not. All I care is that it’s in its own independent playlist that doesn’t give me a 33% chance of playing Arms Race.

Dodgeball, Guardian and Execution were my go-tos in Gears 4. I got two out of three back at least, but I really miss Dodgeball.

I hate that every time I play social its team death have not played a game of dodge ball in Gears5