Is anybody else tired of core settings?

Really really really wish that competitive settings were available across all game modes, does anybody else feel the same way? Or even better, make competitive settings the only settings, I understand that when people are new to the game it feels good to get kills with a gnashesr from 15-20 feet but in my opinion it dumbs down the game, if I get bricked from 10 feet I should be able to outplay that guy for the chunk, however in the current core settings I feel like you are basically useless after taking any damage whatsoever, what do you all think?


I agree. If anything, I think it would be simple to just let all game modes be available for core and competitive tuning if they insist on having two separate tunings (also change the no healing while bouncing in the 2.8 update. Or at least decrease its effect.) The only thing I can think of as to why they wont do this is because it would create a split in the lobbies. Now its hard to find an exe match because not many people play it( at least this is what I experience ). I think the same would happen for something as popular as tdm because people like me and you that like comp tuning would probably play it with competitive tuning for example, and the people that prefer core would play core tdm which would cause a split. but I still think I would be a good Idea because I hate being limited to 2 game modes just because I like the more hardcore and , in my opinion, more strategic play style. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see which direction the game goes.

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Agreed, comp should be the settings across all game modes…

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I’m tired of having two different settings tbh.


All these different settings is stupid imo. They should all be equal and people will adjust.

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TC is one messed up company! I agree I wish there was one tuning setting but definitely not CORE which is a joke especially as state 1 million times before the GNASHER.

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Comp tuning across the board gets my vote

I’m tired of split tuning. I just want one overall tuning.

I also agree. Keep with one tuning. It divides players and segregates the community. It’s a reason to why they have dead lobbies.

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Basically - EVERYONE here are for one unique, just one weapon tuning!
So, why are we having two then???
2yrs after… shows… it was a BAAD idea.

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One tuning for all!

Not competitive. Not core. Both have their own issues in my opinion. Hopefully there’s a compromise that combines both into one but as it stands I feel, as an example, competitive Gnasher is far too weak but core is far too strong.


core is garbage, repetitive, obnoxious, and boring.

look 2.8 comp tuning was solid! the things i didnt like was that your health didnt regen when your moving and when you bounces\ on a wall your blindfire accuracy decreases a bit.

The argument used constantly is “It’s closer to the experience had on Gears 3”

It’s not though, Gears 3 was a faster paced game and movement was quicker. On Core, if you get damaged you die essentially. I’m trying to help some friends get their Diamond Rank for the Scion but I just can’t bring myself to play Core.

One tuning = one love

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I think TC needs to use the last life left in gears4 to play around with a “1weap tuning” an make a playlist for it so we can jump in an play with it an log our feedback ready to implement into gears5 before they make this mistake again

Also, I’d like to know what was the point of splitting modes to different tunings?

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I think they should go back to old core gnasher setting. Like last year if you know how that setting was. Strength of old gnasher setting was between comp 2.8 and current core gnasher setting. They should go back to that old gnasher setting ,but having said all that I really do not think Coalition will do anything about fixing core gnasher setting because they are working on new gear of war games and they do not give a ■■■■ about fixing core gnasher setting for gears of war 4

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Agree. One setting across game.

top of all this . Core gnashser setting has never been more broken and garbage than now

They should go back to old core gnahser setting likr last yr 2017 that should solve all these problems really.