Is anybody else lagging ever since the update?

So we get operation 8 drop 1 and all of sudden my gnasher is off barely gets hit markers when I see my shots going straight at the enemy. I feel like I’m a lot laggier now too constantly losing packets and I skip back alot… when I see myself on the kill cams I look like such an easy target … do I have to buy an Xbox series or get a pc to have good connection???


I have had this problem since Op 4 and nothing I have tried helped.
I can connect to servers for other games with no problems.

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Yeah, been lagging for a while now, and it seems worse. I’m on PC. Makes no difference.

Hard to play a point and shoot game when your weapons won’t point or shoot.

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I normally attribute these occurrences to me just having a bad day. However, I must admit that yesterday felt really off, like I mean REALLY off. It felt like there was a huge latency in using any weapon, as in noticeable delay in the time between trigger pull and in game action.

Shooting someone who is running with their head down, nothing comes out of my Gnasher…
Trying to toss a grenade and roll right away, the game just never throws the grenade, just rolls…

These are actions that are permanently ingrained in my muscle memory, I truly don’t think I am doing something different.

Beyond all of this, I found several point blank shots seemingly go through my enemy entirely. Normally, I will blame myself for this, as despite the constant complaints by this community, the Gnasher is actually a fairly solid weapon. But it was happening over and over and over again yesterday. I can only assume it is tied to some sort of stealth tuning change.

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I’ve been having that problem since launch day.

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Nah. Actually had some good ping yesterday.

I have had these issues since mid Op 4 and I have done everything I can to try and fix them.
I am convinced that the position of my character, as I see it on my screen, is totally off.

I agree with you as I have a match every now and then where everything seems to be working again and the game plays as expected, unfortunately it’s very rare even with a great ping.
I really would like to know what’s causing the lag ?.