Is a good idea build (and use) a Forge now with the new enemies on Horde (1 to 50)?

I didn’t play horde (1 to 50) since October, and I read here that on most matches no one build a Forge because the time that you lose melting weapons.

Well, I want to complete 1 to 50 (Masters) on every “new” map since last operation, and I still need to lvl up Jack. So I want to ask to the players who already played this new tuning if Forge is still useful now.

Consider that most of the time I’ll try to join a lobby, or if I host one, the rest of the team will be randoms.


The forge has been obsolete for quite a while now due to how much energy you can get from taps and they can be easy to defend.

Jack also got a slight nerf to his optimiser card back in Op5 and received a bleeding hijack card, so most people just go Hijack damage Jack now

To be completely honest I haven’t played a lot after the op6 drop 2 “aggressive enemies” change but I did notice some engineers were still buying them for some reason even when I didn’t have Optimiser. Then there’s other games where I have both optimiser and portable resupply but the engineer never buys it and I end up being completely useless the whole match


I think it depends on the map, some have very easily defendable taps but some don’t, or players might want to camp in the arcade room on district for example, a forge would be pretty useful then, last time I played that on master we were broke the whole time

I’m by no means an expert though, but in my opinion it makes runs safer but also prolongs the game a little, I actually enjoy running around smelting weapons occasionally and whenever I do we have so much cash the engineer usually blankets the map in barriers and sentries it feels like a much easier difficulty (though I usually play on inconceivable)

Speaking for myself using the damage build for Jack is more beneficial than the forge build but again that just me. I havent used the forge build in a long time now and found Jack is alot more fun with his damage cards. Players depending building a forge can impact ammo because most engineers focus on getting the forge to level 4 before they build any lockers and that can have some negative effects on players especially if you get carpet bomb JD lol but I tend to ask them to leave because they tend to only care about themselves and hog all the ammo,

If you can get at least 1 or 2 taps then power will never be a real issue. You can still still build a forge but its not a needed for completing master anymore.

Anyway if I ever come across your lobbies ill play forge jack if you want a forge and if not either way ill still try help to get the 50. I would love to say I could guarantee 50 waves but Sentinels, Guardians and Kestrels have ended a large amount of my games in one shot lol.

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Any Thing possible if your Team is Good ( I mean Randoms Team, not a Fixed Team by saying All Things are too easy etc, that’s BS) no matter having a Forge or Not.

Some players may say that having a Forge will slow down the process of Building Lockers & Barriers. Yes, keeping the Energy to Build a Forge will have No Fortification, which your Team may easily get wiped, but I don’t ever Believe that a Team can get wiped in Wave 4-5 out of 50 Waves, which seems too ridiculous to a Team being such Trash.

Good Idea or Not. It’s arguable?No, a Forge can increase the Totel win rate of the Game, but just players don’t like waiting too long for Jack to smelt weapon. The concept of Building a Forge is good, but subjectively majority of players are offended due to waiting time.

No it’s not, yet people still get a Forge for whatever reason… most dailies even have Power Drain not as a modifier, making the Forge even more obsolete.

Your team needs ammo and with aggressive enemies as a mutator you want to slow them down relatively early on too with barriers. A Forge is slowing down this process. Even without the Forge you’ll be able to deploy plenty of lockers and barriers up to wave 10 already, allowing the team to start perking relatively early too. Only thing that’s different is holding the taps but they’re usually relatively easy to defend.

A Forge slows down the start + you’re either down one player due to smelting mid-waves or you just extend the duration of the Horde even further than it needs to be.

The Forge in our case really just is there for the memes nowadays.

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Thanks for the answers :+1:t2:

If I host my lobbies will have “no forge” in the title then.

And @WrinklyHornet34, I appreciate your help but I just realized that this OP will finish soon and I unlocked the Embry Star mark on the ToD yesterday so I need to work on my dailies and the medals to unlock Red Blood Reyna. So I’ll be playing ranked, escape and frenzy. Also, this means that I need to focus on this instead of “Play with TC”, but I still send you a message if I find one of them

No worries. I am still on the hunt for TC members anyway lol.

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