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Is 4x not working for horde?


(GoThCloWn666) #1

I know 4x was working in versus but it felt like public. And private horde was 2x all weekend . Anyone know anything?

(mendigo2005) #2

No, you’re probably the only one who missed it.

(Bleeding Pepper) #3

Eh? I’m 99% sure I wasn’t getting 4x XP for Versus at all! It was he normal 2x XP across the board for me - Horde, Versus, Public, private etc…


I think you can use the search bar to find your answer since I have seen at least 12 on these threads recently made.

(mizzelphug) #5

I played a 45min game of KOTH and ended up with ~1,800xp at the final score board. Something wasn’t adding up or displaying correctly.

I don’t care at all about leveling up ever again though; I just happened to notice it not adding up for me.