Ironman escape is pointless!

I think i speak for all escape players when i say that the iron modifer needs to be looked at fast!! Why oh why as it never been fixed!? It makes no sense at all to keep dying an going back to the menu to litrally watch the start up screen with the snatcher!! Its clearly the most annoying thing in the game by far!! I get an accept if you die you have to restart but we should be just starting from the pod at the start of the hive!! This as to change because it wastes so much of your time if your trying to help freinds get a master done an there not quite as good as you!! You kinda no your gonna die a few times an i complety dread helping freinds on masters because of this reason mainly!! The escape start up screen on ironman as to go!! Please coalition sort this out asap please!!!


Absolutely. I know they are looking into the Snatcher scene, as they said so on a dev stream. But they didn’t say what, or when. My guess is the scene is there to cover up some massive loading in of tiles and enemies, and not just there because they like it. But I still don’t see why they think dying with Iron Man should take you back to the lobby, because the penalty should just be you restart the hive. There’s punishment, and then there’s PUNISHMENT!


Totally agree brother!! Its just such time wasted!! Lol

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I suspect TC want to retain the ability to reload the Hive so that enemy encounters change. I think they don’t want players to be able to settle on a favourable enemy encounter and be able to keep playing it until they succeed.

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Yeah, it probably randomizes entities during that loading process of the session. Isn’t there one hive on Master that doesn’t have Ironman? I seem to remember one hive being like that fairly recently, but it didn’t randomize anything.
Randomizing should just happen with that modifier on in session. I so wish that modifier was changed in Escape, it takes 5 minutes to reload everything sometimes, it’s frustrating AF, just like it should move to the last spot in Horde.

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The Descent had Ironman removed at some point, and I think there might be another Hive as well.

The enemy encounters vary, but once you start then you basically get to stick with the same encounters when you die and restart from a saferoom. However if you choose to exit to the lobby, then it rerolls the dice and you can get different enemy encounters.


So far Lethal Engagements, The Descent, The Line are hives without Ironman, so far as I can recall.

Though I would not advise for players to run The Line too much or you’ll lose your sanity to the ridiculousness of the Scions in that hive.


But if they remove Ironman, and you restart from the pods, what if players leave? You’ll still have to go back to the lobby anyway, to wait for other players.

This is primarily for higher difficulties in which people love to quit a lot.

The Coalition doesn’t give a ■■■■.
Dana enjoys talking about Gnasher changes for 2 hours every Thursday instead.


It shouldn’t be impossible to make the encounter elements variables to add to a game at the start while retaining the cached details of the static map.
Since the map stays the same the map could be loaded once and kept in memory and restarted with a different set of varied things like weapon placements, and spawns.
If they’ve painted themselves in a corner that’s too bad - the sooner they fix it the less punishment there will be for wanting to play again after winning.


This already happens. I’ve started from a pod with people gone.
I’ve also kept with it and had random pods appear to get cut open.


No you don’t. There’s join-in-progress and a pod will appear down the path. The problem is that player won’t have his hive registered as “Mastered”.

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Yeah, it all depends on how they programmed the Unreal Engine to load the Escape game sessions. Given how long it takes to load sometimes, it may or may not even be possible to change at this point, due to console memory restrictions.
I think a lot of people would be more forgiving of the initial Snatcher loading sequence if we’d just be able to stay in session with entities randomized on Master.

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Gatekeepers won’t have Ironman and iirc one of the other new hives won’t as well.


Clayton is great on The Line. Cryos, Mulcher and a Torque Bow. What’s not to love?

As a non-Clayton player I must disagree that The Line is any fun on Master. Difficulties below that with Faster Scions turned off, perhaps. But it ain’t fun in Master to me.

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If you play with Clayton and Cole its extremely easy. Clay basically makes Cole invicible to every type of enemy in it. Cole can just tackle his way through the whole thing and Clay doesnt even need to shoot. Don’t even need a third player.

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Yup. Plus Clay can stun the Scions and let Cole blow them up.

You mean besides the fact that Clays Ult doesn’t work on the Mulcher Scions?

Probably wearing out the hardware with all that loading too lol.