Ironman and School of 08 Horde achievements

If y’all need a man for this, just add my tag (GreatWhiteShark) and let me know what time so I can be online. Also have all classes maxed out and alot of decent epic skills. I’m pretty good and can hold my own so don’t worry about reviving me too much. :wink:

Really want to knock out the remaining 6 achievements I have before the new update for the next batch of achievements hits later this month, so the sooner, the better!


i want a couple ironman and will play the others if im around when your online.
Also dont care for reviving me as i like being dead because i don’t have to do anything :wink:

Wanted to update this thread and bump it while im at it. I have School of 08 now, but am still needing all the ironman horde ones for each class. Im off work for the next 4 days so id like to knock it all out before I return to work. Anybody else want in, just add me or message me when to set it up!

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