Iron needs to be easier to earn

The store is a joke! You barely earn iron so you cant buy anything unless you spend real currency on iron. Gears 4 grinding for credits for packs with skins was bad enough but it was better than this! ToD is also lack luster and is close to impossible to collect all stars. Please TC make some huge changes ! P. S. Fix the bugs and servers


it’s not supposed to be easy to earn. it’s supposed to be bought with cash


I believe they did that because they did not make a season pass to sell. They need to make money somewhere

Yeah $79 wasn’t enough for the ultimate edition and people always spend hundreds on skins, example gow4, they are dying for money. ■■■■ :joy:


I agree… I spent 79.99 already. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ANYBODY MAKE IT SO BY PLAYING THE GAME WE CAN EARN COINS AS WELL TO BUY SOME OF THE STORE ITEMS. I will never buy coins and if I don’t start seeing some rewards for my efforts. I will go play a different game that will reward my time with some good stuff!!!


Wait. Iron is earnable? I didn’t earn since day 1. Lol.

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Iron is their premium currency, you don’t get much easier to obtain the premium currency than entering your credit card and getting as much as you want. Scrap is supposed to be the earn-able currency which it’s pretty scarce atm. The fact that you can get free iron at all is sort of a bonus even if you don’t agree with the prices in the store they pretty much are what they are, it’s a business and if people want the items out of the store enough they’ll buy them. Seen several Delivery Driver Macs in Escape as is.

Not a single cosmetic item in store is necessary for you to play the game.

TC sells and you have option to buy or not to buy.
They aren’t charity organization to give you free skins, characters and other customizable items.

These are fundamentals of modern economics.

ToD isn’t impossible. It’s hard and that’s how it’s supposed to be.
In 3 months everyone can get to general level.
I’m happy TC made time restriction. If you don’t open General and never get that amazing skin set at the end, you lose it forever.

Eh that’s not necessarily true, they didn’t actually make any claims about exclusivity and some of the items being sold as exclusives are merely time limited exclusives with a note on them that they will be sold at a future date like the Ice Skins so they can chose to release them in the future and with the past as an indicator they will eventually make them available again in some way shape or form, very few actual exclusives throughout the game’s history even those that were originally intended to be as such usually end up getting re-released in some capacity.

I agree with you but you already pay the game at a high price. You are not rewarded enough . You re-up and they give you a skin that you earn when you level up to level 2 in the first modern warfare lol this game needs to reward you in some type of way. So far they only gave Marks and executions in supply drops… they need to give some iron there and by re-upping because that XP boost they gave ($79edition) is useless if the levels don’t give ■■■■. It is not about the modern economy when the game is already bought lol . They should put stuff in the store that you can buy with Iron that you win in the game and legendary stuff that you’ll have to pay an higher price . A week ain’t enough … you don’t gain a 1000iron in a week lol it puts pressure on you to buy skins and ■■■■ … it’s a good marketing move … but it does no good to players and ultimately they will give up on that game .this ■■■■ ain’t fortnite … this ■■■■ you paid for to play

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Yeah it’s complete bs, I am not gonna fall into their trap I won’t buy none of their stuff. No skin or character is worth 10 bucks exspically when I paid 60 for the game … this store is exactly like fornite which is a FTP game ??? TC is greedy asf , remember greed ruins everything!