Iron man makes you restart campaign, good luck achievement hunters

I hope TC changes this quick, those skiff windflare parts are going to be a nightmare.


Deletes local save in your path
plugs in 2nd controller for casual driver during the skiff-sections

heh, nothing personel, kid.

Don’t even know why they bothered adding it in a 2nd time.


It’s only on Experienced, which is laughably easy. Gears 4 had you do it on Hardcore, and that was easy too, the only thing that made it hard was the instakill sections like the windflare storms and the machines in the factory that would smash you to pieces if you weren’t paying attention.

I doubt they’ll change it. That’s part of the challenge.

I mean doing it on experienced shouldn’t be to difficult except for the wind flare sections and explosives, but really sucks Tc didn’t listen to the feedback about Ironman from 4 and made it more lenient.

Experienced is the same as Hardcore / 3rd difficulty. Oh, and mutators are allowed and the active reload thing gives Boomshots and Relic weapons infinite ammo.


Yup, infinite sniper ammo and Boomshots are amazing. Only thing I’m worried about is the windflare storms in Vasgar.

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well the bike sene and the condor was tought. also the pit with the pounchers and juvies.

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You better start worrying about Elite Grenadiers and Boomshot Scions. â– â– â– â–  them.

I hated that bike scene. It took too long to get passed that part. I was broken by that part lol


Eh, got it done after 6 or 7 hours. Somehow worse than 4 as the difficulty-spikes were far more severe this time. Also, â– â– â– â–  the AI during bossfights.

I’m kinda disappointed they didn’t add a “revert to beginning of the chapter” or a “beginning of the act” mode similar to what TLOU part 2 did.

Not that there is anything wrong with what we have got, just hoped we would have a little more customisation in challenge for players. Especially on something like Inconcievable.

I will no doubt blow through this easily enough, but that’s besides the point; no death full game modes are dumb. By act is far more sensible.


So just out of curiousity does that mean I can’t save progress and have to do it in one sitting? I never bothered with Iron man in Gears of War 4 so I have no idea lol. I know I can’t die but just want to make sure.

In Gears 4 you could pause and continue later so long as you didn’t fail.

Checkpoints still work and if you die Ironman is turned off with no option to turn it on again iirc. IF you do it legit ofc.

1st person to get achievement. Congrats. I was behind you by about 14 hours. Leeches and sires were really annoying against AI. They would just die right away

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Got to the end of the game legit, and the game bugged out and I died from an open air boomshot “suicide”.

Single life campaign achievements are inexcusable in any game (seriously, Microsoft should ban them, they’re disrespectful to the employed), but if you’re going to even consider them, your game has to be rock solid. It has to be 100% bug free from a gameplay perspective at least, and Gears 5 doesn’t come close. We can’t have runs ending from NPCs randomly dying and bugged out level geometry.

There is a reason people just cheese these with a second player on casual or with save exploits. They’re stupid as hell. I would rather not do that, but if I encounter another bug of any kind that ends my run, I’ll just cheese it. My time is not worthless, TC.


I got killed by my own boom as Del decided he needed to run in circles doing absolutely nothing right in front of me so it just exploded in my face, but luckily I was only in Act 1.

Yeah, Del’s the biggest threat in this mode. In the end, I dropped Boom and used a Claw instead.