Iroman Horde for All Classes

Would really like to get my remaining 5 achievements (Ironman on Hardcore or higher for each class). All of my classes are level 10 and I have a lot of decent cards. Just need to run 50 waves on each one without dyin, preferably lol. Was hoping to do this since it’d be 5x XP this week and we could go for the 200 waves of horde challenge at the same time so yall can help a brother out get his remaining Gears achievements (I have every single one completed all the way back to Gears1) so this is kinda getting on my OCD and I just really want to get it over with lol. Ill even help with whatever achieves yall need even if I already have them (cough 2 supers Longshot Mastery cough). :wink:

Anyway, tag is GreatWhiteShark. Easy enough to remember when you go to the menu to add me! Drop a message so I know when to get on, etc etc. Again, no mic, I use Xbox App on PC for group chat via dual monitor, much easier for me.

Why without dying?

Ironman- cant die in horde or it will take us all the way back to wave 1.

Shoot sorry…don’t know why I asked that I knew that answer lol

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