Invisible weapons

Has anyone else been running around with the weapon in their hands invisible


Yeah happen to me a couple times can’t replicate it tho has something to do with reloading and sliding or switching weapons if I had to narrow it down tho

Incorrect, it only happens if you go down. It never happens if you don’t go down first.

As with everything else, don’t expect a fix any time soon. At least it’s not impacting gameplay unlike that new glitch with the OVK.

No clue, it happened to me a couple of times

Happened with me once.
Both in Gears 5 and The Division 2.

It’s a pretty common side effect of going down.
Weapon swapping fixes it 90% of the time.
The other 10% time or going down again fixes it.

Every time I’ve had this problem (5-10 times) swapping weapons has not solved it.

In all honesty I kinda don’t mind it and actually think it’s dope when it happens
Brings a whole new meaning to blind firing skills :joy::joy:

Happened to @Aloha_its_Kyle in our private match. Was pretty sweet. Ez kill.

Me in The Division 2 few months ago:

Edit: Sorry… English is not my main language, so is it “Me in the The Division 2” when I try to use “the” before the name of the game or is it “Me in The Division 2” or is it “Me in the Division 2”!?

Yes, happened on Asylum near the fabricator as the round ended, couldn’t even swap weapons, aim or shoot. I had to purchase a new gun to fix it.

Is that it?! I get it quite a lot when I’m playing like a loon.
I have had an instance where they refused to come back at all till I died.

Yeah, I think that’s about the extent I’ve had it happen, maybe closer to 10 times actually. I don’t play extremely much, but still pretty often, mostly 2 horde frenzies daily.