Invisible Torque ammo

Can someone who understands the torque bow much better than I explain to me what happened here? How do I avoid this?

This type of stuff happened all game with the Torque… couldn’t dodge anything. This was one of the match ender kills… and my mouth fell open.

In normal circumstances this is usually an active T Bow Bolt that was placed right besides you in your cover and thus resulting in you getting killed.

As the Bolt lands you can/should see it shining, however in this case I saw no T Bow Bolt landing anywhere near you or the cover. Actually does look invisible lol never seen that before.

Best thing to do is to roll back out of the way to dodge it as soon as you see its landed close by… but erm…yeah :confused:

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Typical fng gears bull!

Gears ue doesn’t have problems this bad, why does gears 4?

Let’s take off the rose colored glasses for a second…

Gears UE was the spongiest game I’ve ever played in my life.

When i pull the trigger on ue… The gun shoots instantly and the enemy dies… Torque arrows hit where aimed…it IS better. Now, i do like the 3rd psn view in 5 much better

You’re one of the lucky ones then. I had a 60/30 connection with an 18ms ping back in the Gears UE days and everyone was a walking sponge.

I had to stop playing the game pretty early as it was incredibly annoying as a result.

I’m not saying that Gears 4 doesn’t sponge, but it’s light years ahead of UE, in that department.

My 2c