"Invisible Scion" Wait, what?

Just booted up Gears and was about to play some Escape when I noticed a pretty dumb mistake I could’ve sworn wasn’t there before.

The description of the Wanderer now reads:

Avoid the invisible Scion while searching for the exit.

Wait, what? He’s also invisible now?!

Obviously a human error but combine this with all the previous mistakes and I’m seriously wondering what kind of people are working at TC right now. Why is it that so many mistakes have been made, minor to huge, unlike any other release so far? From non-working servers, to no double star saturdays, to an PvP Gnasher with PvE values/tuning to sloppy grammatical mistakes and human errors like this. And who doesn’t know the difference between invincible and invisible?

Come on…


This minor grammatical mistake has actually been there ever since they released the hive. If it’d been an extremely hard to spot, invisible Scion in this hive, it would actually have been better than what we got which is just poorly executed by putting unnecessary fights into the hive instead of making encounters rare and the hive an actual maze to search your way out of.


Hilarious, isn’t it? I was waiting for someone to notice it on the forums. It’s also why I see people on higher difficulties trying to kill those Scions and don’t understand what is happening. A lot of people don’t check the modifiers.

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I made a post about this as soon as this came out.


Yeah!!! Non beatable enemy. Your toast as soon as it sees you.

I saw that and told someone that they are invisible and invincible but i wasn’t sure if it was a typo. actually, i’m still not sure…

You mean the Diamond Scion that got left behind in Gears 4?

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I immediately ran into the scion after splitting up with my team. I ran the other way immediately.

I had a teammate (it was just two of us) open the supply room door on master when the scion was clearly marked with a red cursor behind the door

He got mauled down and I was like wtf