Invisible players and disconnecting

Hey TC, because of my living situation I have to use the Xfinity hotspots that are everywhere, I don’t lag at all. but when I use i disconnect all the time without no warning, it usually happens when I did then I disconnect, randomly sometimes it doesn’t happen but it happens alot. Another problem when I use it is that sometimes people go invisible, not just me but teammates. I have clips of that happening to me. I get disconnected at the end of games sometimes, I’m at 5 Quickplay games needed to play and I just disconnected 2 games in a row and it’s getting annoying because I can’t even play ranked

This isn’t anything that TC can help with.

Only you can. Change your living situation to get an Internet connection that isn’t so damn terrible. Otherwise, don’t expect to play Gears issue-free.


Lol you’re acting like this game even offers dedicated servers… everything about this game is horrible… people have no issues what so ever on other games but as soon as they get on gears 5 it’s lag, packets loss, disconnecting from games, etc it’s really this game and nothing is done about it… I feel like every new operation we get ,versus multiplayer gets slower And slower… I feel like the only way to not have issues on this is having the best Xbox out rn with some top notch WiFi setup and honestly I’m cool off … there are many more games to play than to be worrying about this game … this game fell off at like operation 3

Thank you for your contribution

Will miss all the memories and mostly the value you brought to Gears 5

It does.

This has been the exact issue for me and many others for most of this game’s lifespan. Personally it’s been fine as of mid-Operation 5.

On this we agree, the current Versus tuning is ridiculously slow and boring.

No. It doesn’t matter how “top notch” the WiFi is, it’s seriously pales in comparison to a decent wired connection.

That much is true.

I still play this game … I am not complaining about it I’ve complained enough already in the past I’m just telling you what it is… this is what most players think about this game… and when people try to defend the game it’s just funny because there is no defending this game it’s garbage but thank you as well for your service in the cog army it was much appreciated :wink:

I’d like to know how you know “most” players think this way

personally, I think the game is as fun as you make it. It’s just a matter of adapting.
Would however like the game to run like in Gears 4 though

running like gears 3 would be even better but thats a pipe dream :frowning:

@Bullet981 provided another user’s testimony. However, they wanted to remain anonymous.