Introducing myself and a question

Hello !

I Used to be an avid Gears fan. Huge time played on the original trilogy.

I have moved to PC gaming now but I bought Gears 4 but have yet to install it. I was wondering if it is just plain better on the Xbox or does it not matter seeing as it is cross-platform ?

I played the original 3 under EVAmidnight and Cynxrgy if any of you guys remember. Hit me up I would love to play again !<3

See you out there !

Welcome cog.

Most threads on here criticise the pc version as far as I’m aware.
But seeing as you got the game why not install it and see for yourself.
I haven’t loaded the game in over 2 months so I’ll let some who’s playing tell you what it plays like at the minute.

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Warnings for PC users;

-If you’re in EU, finding matches will be tougher. Wait time in the US is about the same whether on PC or xbox.

-If you have an Nvidia 10 series GPU (1050, 1060, 1070, 1080) you may experience crashes. The frequency of the crashes varies from user to user.

-If you are good you will be accused of aimbotting. :smile:


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Is that due to EU servers being quieter ?

AMD cards ok then ?

Lol ok I will use a controller anyway but thanks for the heads up !:joy:

Yes, less populated

AMD is fine far as I know, crash wise.

If you’re with the controller but have the PC icon next to your name - you’ll still get messages calling you a hacker… lol



Everything Alice said is correct.
And, RE the controller thing. I’ve heard people in game chat (who didn’t know I was on PC) say things like PC players can make you lag, make your shots not count, they can make themselves teleport. The Gears community’s understanding of tech is apparently from the 1600s because it’s all witchcraft and alchemy to them.


lmao… so true, so true.

I will take those messages as a compliment !:rofl: