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(PoisonedClown) #164

Hi All,

Major Gears fan here, Read all the books, all the comics and played all the games. Never been into the multiplayer for Gears 1 to 3 as the campaign is the best campaign there is, I love the whole Gears world. However, I have loved Gears 4 online and continue to play to this day, In fact its the only game I really play.

Always open to playing with new people and look forward to speaking to you all.

Nice to meet you

Gamertag: PoisonedClown

(DankBongs420) #165

Greetings All!

My name is bob and I’ve been playing GOW for over a decade now, These games rock! Great balance and mechanics in the system. Looking forward to some interesting conversation and collaboration.

  • Dank

(FloridaMan1032) #166

Hi there! I’m FloridaMan (King of Memes) and I’ve been a long time fan since GOW2. Haven’t been a forum user but am very excited to get active. I play mostly Horde but current playing social to bag the multiplayer achievements, hit me up for either or!

(BlackheartTexan) #167

What’s good, Gears community? I’m new in this website. As for Gears Of War, I’ve played the first game (single player mode) & third (never got the chance to complete the single player story) game. I did play Gears Of War 3 beta & regular online multiplayer several years ago. I hope I get the chance to play with you guys later in the future. Thanks & keep on gaming

(Sunshine0005) #168

Alice try King of the Hill. That is a good mode… Pretty intense at time but love it…

(AstralXTactix) #170

Hello my name is Flo.
I’m from Austria (no kangaroos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).
Play since the first gears but only since the third part online.
I love the story of all the parts and I’m really looking forward to the next part :grinning::+1:
And a quick word to the community: you’re just great

(Duffman GB) #171

G’day mate :wink:
and welcome from the United of Kingdom.

(og sie 247) #172

Hello everyone. OG here. I’ve been creating Gears of War only content since the beginning of this year. I am new to the scene but Gears of War addict since day 1.
I stream almost everyday at 9pm PST when the wife and daughter have gone to bed and I post weekly videos every Monday at 3pm PST. All my links below. Thank you and take care.
Twitter: @OGsie247

(Kitten Britchez) #173

Holy crap it’s you! You got a cam!


(og sie 247) #174

Yeah it’s me. Didn’t think you remembered me. Lol. Yeah the stream is coming together.

(Kitten Britchez) #175

Pff you’re epic bro. Always loved the stream—low key but a beast at the same time :laughing: Hard to find time lately that time of night…gonna have to make it though

(og sie 247) #176

Lol. Stop it. You’re making me blush. Lol. Sounds good man. Can’t wait to see you in here.

(A Young Goddess) #177

Heyy everyone you can call me Kii or KiiX ^-^

I have played GOW, GOW 3 & Judgment.
I am finally jumping back into 4 on PC. I am not the greatest player but I have always loved everything about GOW and am really enjoying being back! Can’t wait for 5!

Also any tips for being a PC player would be appreciated. I use k/m. I used controller back in the day on console for 3 & Judgment but I didn’t care for it much then.

I also play other games like Battlefield 1 and the upcoming BFV.

Feel free to add me on here would love to play with people!

(Osu sweat) #178

My name is Jackson and I’ve been playing since Gears 2. I am in high school so i haven’t been able to play very consistently lately which sucks because I want to be really good at the game I love. My favorite Gears game so far is 2 but 5 looks really promising. None of my friends play Gears of war so I’ve also played by my self. Haven’t played comp yet for the fear of getting absolutely rolled by 5 stacks. That’s about it from me

(Short On Talent) #179

Hi my names Billy and I like gears.

(Cazerz247) #180

Hey man, you looking for a community to join? I run the GearHeads clan that’s a U.K./EU Gears clan?

(Extreme Unic0rn) #181

Hi Lea here… everyday avg gears loving chick! Gears 2 by far my favorite… looking forward to 5. Cheers!

(GnasherG0d15) #182

Gnasherg0d15 here I been playing gears since Marcus first stepped into the fight in 2006 I love koth its my game of choice I accept gears for what it is faults and all I’m also about to start streaming so be sure to check me out

(gnashty baby) #183

I’m Allie Cat and I’ve been playing since it all began on 1! Add me ya’ll!:heart:

(Hammer 732) #184

Another redhead here…it’s not true that we steal people’s souls…haha. Red hair and green eyes( me) My daughter has the same. We are the minority in this world. Lest than 4%. Woohoo. REDHEAD POWER. There is a VERY high chance you are a descendant of royalty. That is a historical fact. I married a Geneologist. I win again. Haha.