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(o Magical Hobo) #142

Hello, my name is Turtle and I have played since day1, I have not played Gears of War in about 2-3 years now. I miss the original Gears on 360 with the respectful community where your kills weren’t stolen and when your teammates communicated, when private group chats weren’t even a thing yet…, and when you can talk ■■■■ with enemy between rounds… =\ That is all. Happy gearing.

(appleUK) #143

Wow this has changed a hell of a lot aha!
I’m Alex and I’ve spent way too long playing gears aha


I miss the days when everyone was on public chat also. Now I can play all night and talk to one, maybe 2 or 3 people in public during that time. I just don’t get why this is exactly. Is EVERYONE in a squad? Does no-one have a mic anymore? And talking trash to the opponent between rounds was awesome. Oh well, I guess those days are gone. GO BRONCOS!! SB50 CHAMPS!!

(Darkcore Wolf x) #146

Well I read it all… mostly because it read away easily. Next to that because you clearly have a talent for writing. So feel free to reply or anything else that pops up in your mind. Have a good one & good night!



My name is Ross and go by the username ROSSHICKEY because i was not creative when my brother made me my GT back when the Xbox 360 dropped, Father of one and Gears Fanatic, I have been playing Gears since the Xbox dropped so roughly since I was 11-12ish, I remember the first time ever playing Gears my big bros friend brought his copy of the game over and he was on Act 3: Belly of the Beast in Gow 1 and I remember just falling in love with it then and there, back then some of the scenes were like a Horror game to me. I like to think i am an active enough member in the Gears Community I have good connections and people who are also as involved with me they know who they are, I start getting involved with content and the Gears community after uploading a random glitch in Gears UE where my team had 6 players and the other had 4 and have been hooked since streaming on Twitch almost everyday and now getting back into making Youtube videos again with the announcement of Gears 5 which looks amazing! I am going to be on the forums more often and the Hickey Horde will RISE…

Cheers - GearsGod (rosshickey)

(xFribbo) #149

Hellooooooo Gears Fam, My username is Fribss but I am also known quite well in this community as Fribbo by some people.
I grew up playing Gears as it was one of my first ever games that I played.
I’m also on the forums frequently so feel free to join in on any discussion that I’m in, always open to meeting new people and playing with them on Gears.

The Grub Killer - Fribbo :gear:

(GRANT C0RE) #150

Hi I’m Grant. My username is GRANT CORE. I’m from Australia and like most people on here I’m a gears veteran. Im 33 years old and have a wife and 2 kids. It’s for this reason, I struggle to get game time but when I do it’s always gears. I have a gears omen neck tat which I’ve had since around 2012. I have a shrine of collectable figures and what not. I play in a metal band called “Alice Through The Windshield Glass” and a while back I wrote a very gears inspired song which I titled “Emergence Day.” We played it live to some awesome reviews but we never officially released it. I’d like to release it eventually and hopefully receive a gears honour! I was also lucky to be a part of Embry Starred’s Easter egg discovery and unlock the Swarm Imago. I absolutely love the franchise and am stoked and can’t wait for gears 5.

(BIGB EC) #151

Hi I am BIGB EC and just checking out the forums and wondering if there is a recruitment place on here.


Hi my name is Joe. I have been a gears player since gears 1. Love the game and will continue to play until I am unable to due to death. This is my first day exploring the forums.

I would like to see more involvement from the gears team to inform the players about server issues and times when the issues will be corrected. I guess in short I, (we) would like to be informed more of when issues will be solved. Thanks for reading. Keep up the great work Gears.

(CogCouple) #153

its been to long since you played online get in our stream this friday !!

(CogCouple) #154

those days!!!


Those were the days, that’s for sure. Wow, I just realized I got a reply from a famous YouTuber lol, thanks. The crazy part is that I just literally found you guys on YouTube. I watched your What’s Up video.


Hello nickname patches (real name Andy )big horde player,versus I’m a pro bullet magnet,started to play since gears of war 2,hope to get back to horde once my Xbox one x gets back from being repaired,

(Skelface) #157

Didn’t introduce myself, how rude of me.

26, french, I play Gears of War since 2008 (bought the Xbox 360 with Gears of War 1/2 and Project Gotham Racing 4), it was my first game on the console.

I’m primarly a PC gamer since 2012 (I also play on PS4, Switch and 3DS), I thought I was done with the franchise because the Xbox One doesn’t interest me at all, and buy a console for three or four exclusives… Until Microsoft announced the Xbox Play Anywhere games at E3 2016 and I almost screamed at work.

Horde is my most played mode. Best alt-Horde for me: Mass Effect 3.

I care about story and characters in games.

Achievement hunter across all platforms, sadly not as active as before because of my work.

I’m on the “Judgment is good” side.

I don’t understand people eating mushroom pizzas.

(HuNgRyDaMa84) #158

Hi, my name is Davide,
I have been playing since 2014.
My first is gears of war 3 with Horde in casual(lol) in Mercy with my friend. I read often the forum, It is a good training for learning English :wink:
I’m 34 years old and I have wife, who is my sweet half and she plays with me.
If someone wants to play with me,
I m here

(COGS Blitzwing7) #159

My name Is TD Blitzwing 7. i am an officer mark 3 for the C.O.G.S (Collective of Gaming Society) i am happily taken by my boyfriend Adam, im always looking for people to recruit into the C.O.G.S. with our +600 plus discord server. but enough about that, I am 18 years old and bi n poly. Im always looking for cool people to hang out with, play horde (horrendously bad at PvP) and have a laugh with. there’s nothing i love more then having a good time with people no matter the race, religion, region, or age i love making friends and laughing its what i do. I love the Coalition and i wish i was apart of something as great as they are. :slight_smile: Rip n’ Tear my dudes

(xXx 2814 xXx) #160

Dudes long time fan of the game!!! xXx 2814 xXx from the future, need some friends to play TDM! Add me Add me Add me!!! Let’s start a team :metal:

(Spim) #161

Add me for speedruns

(CyberWalX) #162

Hi I’m CyberWalX I’m a older gamer from Scotland I’ve loved gears since the first game I haven’t posted on these forums since the gears 3 days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: after watching the Gods of Thunder tournament online it reminded me of the old gears 2 forum nights and I thought I would start posting again

(x Darko74 x) #163

Hi I’m x Darko74 x, I haven’t been on this site or forums before. Joined basically looking for more info on Gears coming up and so forth and this site and a few other things look like they are going to do that, so great! Have always enjoyed the Gears games, average player and 44yrs young, married with a family and work full time and shifts. So sometimes difficult to fit gaming in but try my best. Hopefully get to interact with a few of you in the future, nice to meet you all!