Introduce Yourself!

(OhTheAnarchy) #122

It’s Anarchy here. Been slayin’ in gears since '06. It’s kinda my thing.

(Rusticangelic) #123

I suppose this is where I say something about myself.
So I’m Rustic, I’ve followed Gears since the beginning but only started playing it with my hubby from Gears 2. The storyline drew me to the game and has kept me engaged even now. My hubby is the MP player, I casually play horde. But I’m here for the fanfics. Yes I’m a fanfic writer. Currently written two Gears fanfics, and several oneshots. In the process of writing a piece that follows runs along Gears 4. So yes I’m one of those. You’re welcome :grin:

(K0oLAiiD) #124

Name is Garin. I live in Arizona. Served in the Army for 6 years.Been part of the GOW community since the beginning! Has been a love hate relationship since Gears 2 but seem to always come running back to what I know best. Gears 4 has found its way back into my heart…unfortunately in game chat is non existent now so finding new people to play with is difficult. regardless I am always online so send me an invite if anyone ever wants to play! #bringbackberserkers #misstheoriginal2piece #Carminefamilygaveitall

(Thurisaz Rune) #125

Hello I’m Thurisaz Rune.

It doesn’t matter how often I sell my Xbox and quit gaming, I always come back for Gears of War.

It’s certainly a lovate - hate relationship, but as a good relationship should do, we work things out in the end.

(Sarlaac FETT) #126

Some of you may recognize me from the virtual battlefield. Originally I was sarlaac01 on gears 1, then Uber sarlaac on gears 2-3 and finally Sarlaac FETT in gears 4. I’m a older gamer but, I can still make you sweat in TDM, Dodgeball and Guardian.

(AbsentNose9870) #127

Hello yall, Name is AbsentNose9870
Live in San Antonio,TX,USA (Best city,State,Best Country)all my life. all 26yrs of it.
Really only play Gears, not much else,It’s the only game I make time for when I can. I’m a forum lurker and will very seldom post, I try to stay up to date with all that goes on with all Gears news and will help with anything Gears related to donating time,money resources. Always willing to help just a click away. :slight_smile: I mostly play horde but will play vs also. Not the best buy am a very good support player. Look forward to lurking and learning. Yall have a good one!

(Stupendous52) #128

Hi everybody! My name is Stu and I have been a Gears fan from the very beginning. I’m a casual player, but Gears is one of my favorite gaming franchises ever. I have a soft spot in my heart for Cole Train and Brumaks :laughing:

Occasionally I do Gears 4 streams over on Mixer. I’m looking forward to getting to know you guys and being a more active member of the community!

I’m from Portland, OR if there are any other west-coasters in here!

(youngbuck626) #129

Greetings everyone.

I’m Youngbuck626, but I prefer to be called E. I have played all the Gears games, but 4 is actually the first I have taken online (because now I’m an adult who can afford a Gold membership), and I quite enjoy the experience even if it may have a little flaw here and there.

I don’t have much to say and because of those few words I can be the “action first, speech later” type. But I am friendly and easily approachable.

(Goliath Rises) #130

Sup everyone,

Goliath here. A lot of you may have known me as Vapour 8 on the old forums. I’m a Software Engineer by day and serious gamer by night. Started with Gears 2 and have enjoyed the franchise until recently at least. So atm Gears 4 is shelved for me, but I will pop in from time to time to see what’s happening :grin:

(gigidyimonaboat) #131

Hello all!!! My name is Aaron and I’m a Gears’a’Holic been playing Gears since bout 2008ish… Was at a friends house drinking and he told me I had to watch this trailer for this game… It was the Mad World trailer, I instantly fell in love with this franchise… After watching it I asked him if he had the game… We stayed up until 7am playing through the campaign… I went out that day and bought an Xbox with two games… Gears of War 1 and Gears of War 2…

I play a lot, mostly in the evening and on weekends… I have a group of people that I play with, and we do a bit of everything. Horde, MP depends on what we’re feeling at the time.

I have also amassed a large amount of Gears swag over the years… This video was from Gears 4 launch day it shows a good amount of it… I’ve added quite a bit since lol… My Gears Cave

Last summer I also got a death omen tattoo , something I wanted to do for quite a while… I love this game, and I love the community… The forums are a good time passer. Glad to see they got updated!!

(AssasinZAssasin) #132

Hello forum peeps.

I live in Japan so its kinda hard to find servers sometimes but still a fun game.

Mostly been reading through the forum but never really participated much…

Been playing since the original GoW game, great series. Easily my favourite xbox game series.

While i have my fair share of complaints about gears 4, it is a series that has always been fun to just run coop with other players and it still is here.

If we ever get into a game together, I hope we can have fun playing together!

(blueamcat) #133

Hello! Just posting before I forget to.

I’m Jen. Been around for a long time. Played the OG Gears a few years after it released. Then played 2 and 3 right around release. Never got to play Judgement or finish 4 quite yet. xD I’m not a solo campaign player.

I don’t play a LOT of Gears simply because I’m no good at MP and really only play the campaigns. :wink:

Hope to see you guys around though!

(Destro WOD) #134


I am Destro WOD

Playing since GOW1 in 2006. Was part of Team WOD back then, we where semi-finalist to the Game Focus Tournament.

During GOW3 and GOW1 UE i was in BRU-M4D team, didn’t do any “official” tournaments but we destroyed competition online (TDM in GOW3 and Blitz in UE)

I am now looking for a new serious rank team. Preferable playing CORE modes. Not much a fan of competitif or as i call it “pellet gun mode”

Think that sums it up

(villa casual 42) #135

Ive been playing gears since gow1. Not sure on the year. Cod 4 modern warefare came out in the my 360 for christmas and then got gears 1 in the following march and played them all since.
I’m 99 percent a horde player.finished all campaigns on insane also.

Don’t be confused by my gamertag because it says casual don’t think I play on casual. Its a football thing. Google football casual or villa hardcore :smirk:. I play insane or inconceivable with my wife.

I been around on the forums since the days of the epic forums and hopefully years to come.
Been taking a break from horde but trying to get back into it now.

(RS Denial) #136

Hi im Matty.

Been playing gears since GOW 1 although im only 13 :wink:. Played it with my dad at like 4 then got my fist xbox at 5 and played Horde with my Dad. Ive played it alot and bought every game at release since GOW 2. Im a Multiplayer player and i mainly play KOTH and TDM. Im Onyx / Diamond. Feel free to add me , If you can put up with me.

I Play everyday and have good movement.

Hope to see you guys around.!!

Enjoy your Gears and get Hyped for Gears 5

(Gears Kaios) #137

Hello all! my name’s Brandon aka Kaios and just two days ago, June 2nd, I’ve graduated from high school! I absolutely adore gears of war every since I was 7 all the way up till now. I’ve played every game and I’d like to put it out there that judgment was my least favorite… On my 16th birthday my mother gave me two choices. Either I get A ps4 or an Xbox one and while I was leaning very strongly towards a ps4 I saw gears ue and eventually 4 announced and decided to stick with this.

I am now a competitive and passionate TDM player working towards diamond in gears 4!


Wassupp yo… my name is fredo I been playing gears of war since 06’ on & off … i like all the games ive seen so far & i play alot of MP on my free time if theres any serious gamers out there add my gamer tag “MOODYTEMPER4K” plus i need some ppl who like to play horde & DONT QUIT … lol GEARSFAN4L… BTW @TC I LOVE GEARS 4 KEEP IT GOING …

(ImplantedLion72) #139

Greetings fellow Gears fans.

Since I’ve started posting recently, I think introductions are in order. My name is Jim and like many of you I have been a fan and follower of Gears since E-Day. Starting with the original GoW and on through GoW2, GoW3, Judgement(sort of) and now GoW4.

Along with this I’ve read all the novels, met and gotten some of these signed by Karen Traviss (at Comic-Con) and was lucky enough to get the chance to meet Cliff B(also at Comic-Con) and have him autograph a replica Lancer. I, like some of you, am an older, casual gamer with more experience in the solo campaign/Horde aspects of my games than any MP. I guess that makes me a MP noob of sorts. Despite this apparent failing, I am more than willing to learn from my betters and help out wherever needed.

My gaming experience goes back to the original Xbox and its games(can I say Halo?)and I play when the blocks of time are available. I am currently attempting to bring my wife over to this type of gaming experience, No more Frogger, and look forward to more forum chats, streams and future gaming chances with the community.

(XGN KiLLuManAti) #140

35 in 4 days , single parent to my 14 yr old son Daynon, who has just graduated junior high on the honor roll with a 3.62. I own my own small engine repair shop, chill and teach my son bout life and playGOW!!! Been a part of the machine since drop in '06

(Asylum Jokerr) #141

So, hello everyone my name is Kendal but my online name is Joker from Florida. I’m 19 I started playing Gears back in 06 with my uncle, I was just a child playing the campaign. Didn’t get into the multi-player til 3 came out. Normally I play TDM or KOTH on 4. I also love the Carmine Brothers but I play as Clayton more than the other 2, is it wrong that I wish RAAM was still around? Dude was a bada**