Introduce Yourself!

(AceMcCloud) #102

Hello everyone, I’m AceMcCloud, I’m from England, United Kingdom.

WOW… nice new… SHINY forums :grin: cue the Flight of the Concords Jermaine Clement!

One of the first beta testers of Xbox Live when I worked in Gaming Retail, and have been gaming ever since.

I loved Gears from the moment I first played the original campaign on Xbox 360, I’m more of a Campaign/Horde/Beast Mode player but because I am a completist and collector I’ve been pulled into versus, which I’m enjoying more but still a casual player.

I loved Gears 3’s four player campaign and hope it comes back in Gears 5.

These days you’ll likely find me watching all the Gears Esports, All Access, Developer streams, I’ve really been pulled into it and love every bit of information and play I see, as well as collecting those lovely shiny weapon skins.

I’ll also be playing to get all new achievements, challenges and skin sets the Coalition dole out like an eager beaver.

Lovely SHINY skin sets…

(Mosher666) #103

Been playing gears since 2006, got every achievement in every game on xbox including the jp version of gears 2,

(chaaze) #104

I’m a grub killer. Versus player, TDM when’s no EXE avail.
Sry if I was hard on your K/D ratio last night, it’s just a game. #GITGUD
I’m playing with BS Clay, phantom gnasher and will always reconsider any bacon trade offer in PM. :bacon:

(baconman886) #105

Glad to be here as a part of the new forums. I’m baconman886. Been playing Gears since about 2009. I played the first one over my friend’s house and fell in love with it. Then my dad bought me Gears 2 during that summer and I was just blown away. The world, the atmosphere, and the gameplay were just top tier for me. No matter how much I criticize the games TC puts out it truly is because I wish this franchise the best. I wish the best for these years to come.

(Blizzard0fOzz) #106

Been playing Gears since 2007. Was there for the Epic forums, and The Coalition forums.

(HighWar Knight) #107

Greetings fellow Gears.

My Name is HighWar Knight but you can just say HighWar whenever you see me in a game. (HighWar means “High” skilled "War"rrior. The Knight was added as a favorite class in RPG’s ^_^. ) (Gamertag meaning - “High” Skilled "War"rior with a soul as a “Knight”)

I have been playing the series since the 1st gears of war on xbox 360 to present.

I’m a horde player veteran since Gears of war 2 horde mode.

All of my horde class on Gears 4 are maxed and ready to help depending on the horde situation.


(THE 1 GUNMAN) #108

Hi there fellow Gears! I am THE 1 GUNMAN, but you can call me Rob :blush:I have been around since Gears of War 2 initially a KOTH/ANNEX player but I soon found my love of Horde. I have currently beaten 8 maps on Insane and I am slowly looking for that magic 29. I have played a lot of Gears 3 taking some number 1 scores on the leader boards, I am also one of a select few who have beaten all 34 maps on Inconcievable without sentries,turrets,salvos or fabricator strikes. I am also a streamer and I look too support others on Twitch and Twitter so feel free too add me up and let’s go kill some grubs!!!

(Junglist Shoota) #109

(if this is the correct player)
This player (AceMcCloud, not myself, ha!) is a great sniper for Horde. Glad to see you in the new forum.
Some know me, some don’t. JS for short if you prefer.
Since '06.

(Macabre Masque) #110

Hello All,

 My name is Macabre.  I have been playing Gears since Santa came through huge for me in Christmas '06, when I was only 13 years old.  It's been a wild ride, and I am happy to say I am still enjoying myself playing Gears 4 12 years later.  

Wings 1, love playing Sniper. Will switch to any class to make it happen. Former diamond in Arms Race, still kicking ■■■ in Luck of the Draw :smiley: . Escalation is currently my MP mode of choice, the core gnasher is unreal. Hope everyone has a great week and looking forward to the new forums!

(GreatWhiteShark) #111

Hey everyone. GreatWhiteShark here (yeah that’s actually my tag ahha). Been here since the launch of Gears 1 so you probably can guess im pretty old, but not THAT old. The Gears series has been my favorite of all games and is probably the reason I stopped playin competitive Call of Duty 2/Halo 3 and why my PS3/PS4 has been collecting dust for a while. Now I just mainly play for fun and am 10 levels away from obtaining Seriously 4.0, along with all the previous Seriously iterations in prior games.

Fun fact about myself- im also deaf. I have like 2 other deaf friends that play Gears 4 casually but they don’t hold a candle to my godly 2.0 k/d ratio. A lot of people I come across in pub don’t believe me because I can play pretty well without a mic or just being able to hear all the stuff going on in the game. I also surfed alongside a great white in Cali on vacation and it was just the most beautifulest thing ive ever seen. I plan on visiting her again sometimes this summer, hopefully she’ll remember me and let me ride on top of her this time.

Anyway, lookin forward to bein a part of the community here even though I don’t post that much. See you all on the battlefield!

(Cazerz247) #112

I’m Cazerz, I’m relatively new to gears, playing online since gears 3. I run the Gear Heads clan a UK team. See you on the battlefield soon!

(lxl ZiLTOiD lxl) #113

Greetings humans.

Been playing since Gears 2. Was a horde player and made my way to multiplayer during the Gears 3 beta with the dreaded sawed off. I have 3 boys (11, 9, and 8) that are into it as well so it’s a blast (we play on 2 TV’s split screen :heart_eyes:). Looking forward to Gears 5 which I hope has a little less of this RNG madness in it.


Hi. FURIOUSWARRIOR here. I’ve played lots of horde over the last decade and recently started playing mp a little more.

(Darkcore Wolf x) #115

I’m Hugo, 27, from the Netherlands and a Gears Veteran since 2006. I am always up for playing with any of you guys. Enough jibber jabber for now so hit me up you fools and lets kill some Grubs!

GT: Darkcore Wolf x

(CMeairs) #116

Hello. everyone
My name is Christopher Meairs
I was wounded and basically left bed ridden while serving in the military overseas. playing games has been a saving grace for me. Gaming takes my mind off of the doctors, procedures, physical therapy, and pain. Gaming keeps my mind busy with quests and puzzles. I get a sense of accomplishment or achievement I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. I am always here and looking for people who want to have fun. l am willing to share what I know and I am always trying to learn more. if you would like to play hit me up. Gears are my main games and I want to thank the community for all of the support. THANK YOU ALL. GT cmeairs. Twitter @cmeairs_

(l MoNsTiR l) #117

Sup everbody its @monstir_ from twitter. The gears collector guy. I tied for 1st in the Ultimate collection contest when UE came out. Collection has grown immensely. If youd like to see pics or vids Hmu any time on twitter as i am not always on the forums. Via my twitter u can link to my youtube and see abour 100 videos on me collecting gears and other gaming merch. I Hope everyone is well. Take care of yourselves! Be nice to eachother, we need more of that. :facepunch::100::call_me_hand:

(SaSuKe One) #118

Yo! Sasuke One here,
I Make Hiphop,and i rap in my native tounge& can rap in english 2!
im a legit Gearhead since 2006,
im from Norway,and represent Scandinavians in the battlefield!

Any scandinavians who wants to squad up?
I play social,ranked and horde. Im also a Ninja forum lurker:-P Peace!:v::v:

(Darkcore Wolf x) #119

I am interested to play.


What up fellow Gear-Heads? I’ve been a proud Gear-Head myself since the beginning back in 2006. Actually if not for Gears of War 1 I might not even be on here today. I was a PlayStation fan back then and had every intention of buying a PS3. That is until a friend of a friend was playing Gears 1 at my house one night and as I was half watching seen him chainsaw another person and was instantly entranced. He proceeded to show me the basics and then took off the training wheels lol. My first match was on Mansion and I ran around chainsawing who I could, getting cussed numerous times. It took me a bit to learn the gnasher but after telling my friend’s friend one more match probably 500 times that night I was half decent by the time the sun rose the next morning. After I had slept a little I woke up feeling like I had cheated on my PS2 all night and avoided eye contact for a few days. After much soul searching I decided that I had to have this game. So I went out and bought a 360 and you know the only game I bought with it. After my PS2 gathered dust and the release of the PS3 came and went I ended up trading my PS2 towards the preorder of Gears 2 and have never looked back. I’m proud to say I’ve not owned a console made by other than Microsoft since.

(SaSuKe One) #121

Im adding your GT👍