Introduce Yourself!

(Kitten Britchez) #81

Hi I’m 33 with a wife two kids and a full time job trying to find time to play. I just started in January of this year and it’s the only game I’ve played since I was a kid. I’m hooked! Love the new forums hope to see a lot of activity here.

(DownInFlames85) #82

Nice to see the “code master” from the old Epic Forum days - many a code were given out from you back then, haha!

(Dante1413) #83

My name is Hussain Ahmed
Gamertag Dante1413
I am from middle east (KSA)
I started play gears of war 2 on horde mode until gears of war4
Than i tried versus on gears of war4 season 2

(Crobos 9) #84

Haha, close enough to the ground! You too.

(Immortal Spawn) #85

Loving the new look! Great job.

-Professor Immortal

(Embry Starred) #87

I am going to post my website bio of me because I am lazy XD


“Embry Starred has been involved with the gears of war franchise since he was only 12 years old. From the moment he played, he knew he found the perfect game franchise for himself. Ever since 2006 he continued to be involved with the franchise heavily reading all the books, comics, as well as picking up whatever gears of war merchandise he could afford! He also has played all the games with maxed out achievements (Minus Judgement and currently working on GoW4 still). His Favorite game in the franchise is Gears of war 2. Embry Starred was also the founder of the fuel depot easter egg and was awarded the Blood moon imago in Gears of war 4, he went on to get the Gears Honor emblem for his involvement in prior military service and collaborating with GameInformer for an interview/article for veteran’s in gaming and how it helped them transition into civilian life. Embry Starred was a former automatic rifleman marine for the United States Marine Corps with 2 successful deployments and an honorable discharge. Right now, Embry Starred is going to school for marketing communications to one day work in community management or marketing for the film or game industry.”

(BungiePlayer) #88

My Name is Timothy Lewis jr.
Gears of war 2 was the first game i join xbox live and met friends.
I have a sad life and poor life where I have no job. I live with my parents to help me get started on something. But it seem i don’t have any way to get started so instead i help clean stuff to keep my self living here. I play games to help my stress as I have a peek of how gears change my life. Even tho i dont play. I still love Gears. The community is awesome in most ways.
that is parts of my life. A kid that survive a fire when sleeping, is still my scarest thing ever.

(CogCouple) #89

those who know, know

(IxI Zap IxI) #90

Haha I’m part of the furniture mate :joy:

(Duffman GB) #91

Morning/afternoon/evening fellow Gears
Allow myself to introduce…myself :wink:

Gears fan from 2006. Although I was more a campaign guy, likewise with Gears 2, although I did discover the sublime Horde with that. I also went back around 2 years post release and got more into mp.
On to Gears 3 which I loved and love and played hundreds of hours across every wonderful mode it offered, you will still find me on Horde and KOTH at least once a week.
I also enjoyed parts of J…I know I’m pretty much alone there, but some things were good about J. Again I do still play Survival a couple of times a month.
On to 4 and I bought that on Oct 7th completed the campaign in one session and have (to date) put in approx 27 daysinto KoTH and 20 days into Horde.
I love Gears and its lore and collect memorabilia for it. Love playing, reading and talking Gears.

Other than that I’m a dad to two beautiful children, a did consider Myrrah and Marcus for their names, but the wife was not having it :laughing:

Love music above any other medium, play guitar and spend hours on Eurogamer, have been a member for over 14 years on that site…I talk a lot of Gears on there as well!

If I see you on KOTH hopefully I will be a good team mate or an easy enemy to kill :laughing::blush:

(Omitlu) #92

Hello, Gears community. My name is Arturo, but I’m known as Omitlu, Taco, Omelette Head, and Tré online. I’ve been with the Gears franchise since 2009 after getting my first Xbox 360 and a copy of Gears 2. I’ve lurked the Gears Forums since the old Epic days and have just started to interact with the TC forums. I would love to interact more with this community and hope to help when help is needed.

(V7K1NG) #93

we need to get some matches in real soon Zap ,just like the old times ,i miss those days

(III EnVii III) #94

I’m Envii - absolute beast who TC won’t allow to reach diamond ;(

(V7K1NG) #95

Lucky good to see you made it here

(IxI Zap IxI) #96

Yeah for sure dude. I want to do some Horde runs with people soon too.

(Circa Darkrage) #97

Hello guys. Some people may recognize me from the old forums, so here I am again.

My name is Callum, and I’m an Upper Sixth Form student in England (the last year of high school, for all those not aware of the education system in England), and I’m studying Business, Economics, and Maths with Statistics for my A-Levels. I also got a B at AS-level in Physics, I don’t know how I got it, but I did.

Some of the first games that got me into the gaming industry, in general, was Spyro 2 and 3 (really excited for the remaster coming in September!). But the two games that got me into Xbox was Halo 2 and Unreal Championship (co-developed by Epic, incidentally).

But, how did I get into Gears? Well, I was stopping at my Uncle’s house for the night, and I saw my Cousin playing a game that I saw the advertisement on a lot on the TV. Gears 2. He was playing the Riftworm segment of the game, and I had never seen anything like that before. I switched from wanting to play Halo 3 to wanting to play Gears 2. Cheers Epic for the insane amount of gore. Being truthful, I think if Epic had not done that segment I probably wouldn’t be a Gears fan.

It encouraged me to get Xbox Live, and my first match on any game on XL was on Gears 2. Guardian on Stasis, not a map everyone thinks of when Gears 2 pops up, but it still holds a few memories for me.

Now, I am very much a diehard Gears fan. After my final exams finish at the end of June I will dedicate more time towards Gears 4 again! I do like playing Horde and occasionally play some Ranked if the stars align. I’m not the best player in the world, but I can hold my own most of the time. I got to Onyx 3 in Escalation solo so I’d like to think I am at least half-decent!

Anyway, that’s me, and I look forward to some interesting discussions on these new forums!


Competitive multiplayer gamer. Perfer comp over core but can play both well. O3+ in everything Take a look for yourself :ok_hand:t6:

Been playing since gow launch.

(Rundan) #99

Long time Gears Vet. Been playing since 2006.
Just started an Instagram for gaming. Give me a follow if you want to get together and play
@ Voltage_apex117

(StoopBoySquad) #100

I’m StoopBoySquad long time Gears fan since the beginning love the series love gears 4! I’m a big time KOTH and Guardian player add me if you want to run some games or follow my instagram for gears content and my clips @StoopBoySquad

(Royce Batty) #101

Hi there.
Royce here. Thanks to Gears being released in 2006, I went from the PS platform to Xbox and have not regretted one moment of it ever since. Didn’t really interact with the forums since just a few years ago. Predominantly a Versus player but also play Horde. I tend to be uncensored in my comments and remarks, extremely competitive by nature, have strong principles and despise bad communication when playing as a squad. But overall I am a nice guy, most of the time.:smile:
Other then that, I try my best to help and assist people as best as I can.
Royce Out!