Introduce Yourself!

(DrJekellndMrFly) #61

DrJekellndMrFly here, gears player since day 1. You can find me in pvp or horde. Looking forward to gears 5.

(DownInFlames85) #62

Name’s Bobby but most know me as Flames.
Gears fan since day 1 & is the reason I bought my first 360.
First tattoo was the Crimson Omen (July 31st, 2007)
Dizzy Wallin & Flame Grenadier are my go to characters in Gears (GoW1 was Anthony & Sniper)
I’m mostly laid back & respectful, so if you see me online, say Hi!

(Official GFC) #63

hello folks , we are the GFC , you may remember us from the former coalition forums and if you have been around before that from the old EPIC Games forums where we were the EGFC ,we are returning to action starting this summer with Tourneys and events for the whole community ,and a few other neat threads we have planned for everyone , the GFC is run by Mad Dog Malcs, Loryat , Lefty Chrome, Futuristic Blade and Viking …here is our twitter [The GFC ] ( , please feel free to visit our twitter ,us here on the forums once we get situated ,our Xbox Club The official GFC and any further questions contact our Admins , thank you from all of us at the GFC ,and STAY TUNED we plan on taking you all for one heck of a ride


(IMG CaptainDoku) #64

You guys are kewl

(IMG CaptainDoku) #65

Just another Gear Head,been here since day one from the old Epic Forums right up till now

Skittles are life😎

(Crobos 9) #66

Hi all,

My name is Greg, I’ve been around for a while - here and there. I run @Gowfeed, poorly at the best of times. I hope to get back up and running once I have my own space again!

See you around.

(IMG CaptainDoku) #67

Hmmmmmm…I remember a Legend named Zap

You?, I am not so sure :face_with_monocle:

Just kidding, :love_you_gesture::sunglasses:

(YKDS) #68

Hey all :slight_smile: I’m better known as Gears of Skorge, seems like only yesterday I created a account on the old Epic forums to discuss Gears! I guess some things never change. :sunglasses:

(OujaStrike) #69

How’s it going everyone it’s OujaStrike huge Gears of War fan.
First got into Gears 1 in October 2008 when my sister got it for me for my Birthday and fell in love with the series ever since but my all time fav GoW game for Campaign is Gears 2 and Multiplayer is Gears 3.

Wasn’t much into Gears Judgment and Gears 4 almost at re-up 2 in GoW4, just hope for Gears 5 we have more in game unlockables plus bonus characters if you want to buy you can.

I like how UC4 does it if you want a certain character besides playing earning it via RNG vanity chests it cost like 300 point which it’s around $2.99.

Hope to be more active on here this time around.

(DoveRainsBlood) #70

Oooooo, interesting

(Gaimbot) #71

This is nice

(Soul Aeonz) #72

Hey Aeonz here, i´m amateur designer and video editor of GOW (Headers, montages, etc.) i like play Horde and the multiplayer (DPE)
Make sure to add me and play with me.
My last design

My last Montage

(V7K1NG) #73

glad to see some people i know posting in here

(IStudioGhibliI) #74

Havent touched the game in forever for obvious reasons ,we wont discuss here but had too see the new forums so yeah nice work :slight_smile: woot . should be much easier for people ,and much better for info :slight_smile:

(K4oS DeMoN) #75

Hi all!! great to see these new forum !!

(FuturisticBlade) #76

Hello my name is Dom or FuturisticBlade,
and I’ve been playing since Gears 1. I love the Gears community and I’ve been involved more since Gears UE. Currently I’m with the GFC and we will begin organizing tournaments soon, hopefully with great support from TC and the community. I am really glad for the continued support from TC and how Gears keeps growing and evolving. I’m really happy for the Future of Gears.

(Berebrus) #77

Hello, everyone! My name is Brandon, but I normally follow under my online alias as “Berebrus”. I live in a small town next to Austin, Texas, and I’m also currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Video Game Art and Design for the Art Institutes!

I am an artist (in training), indie game dev (to practice and train to one day work at the Coalition to help develop future gears of war titles), and find overall enjoyment in 3D Modeling, Music (except new age country, BLEUGHHH), playing good video games, etcetera etcetera.

Alongside the occasional Versus Match and Inconceivable Campaign run in Gears 4, I’m also developing some personal indie titles (I plan for one of them to be a spiritual successor to Gears, but it’s still VERY early in pre-development), honing my art, 3d modeling, and programming skills, and widening my community with entertaining Gears content plus more (once I get money to afford a new desktop)!

I portray a polite and respectful demeanor (most of the time) and a somewhat-decent reaction-shot and back-a ingame. In the field, I like to rock the Neptune skins from Ultimate Edition, and rock the Female E-Day Gear (I like her voice actor, okay?) and Queen Myrrah (even with the worms coming out of her butt, as LANDAN2006 describes it as.)

As for my origins, I first found Gears of War in 2012 when I was gifted an Xbox 360 for my 14th Birthday, and found Gears of War 3 as one of the free games it came with. I remember my mother turning on the Content Filter settings to disable the blood and gore before I slaughter countless casual bots in offline MP with a trusty chainsaw bayonet. Eventually, I arrived in the Gears community about a year afterward, currently representing 5 years of loyalty to the series of Gears of War.

On a more personal note, this game, it’s helped me through some really hard times, it’s why I’m writing this introduction bio about the length of a Thrashball field. I want to return the favor, To the Coalition, to the community, and to the future as well!

At this current moment, I’m getting more active, but not as much as I want to be. As my skills and resources start to expand and develop, more content will come on my end. I have a YouTube, Twitter, DeviantArt, Twitch, and Xbox profile, all set under my Alias, “Berebrus”. Type it into google, and I’ll pop up :wink:

I’m also working on becoming more active on the forums, and with the new forums set in place, I figure that now would be a great time! Juggling personal projects, a 40-hour workweek, and social aspects may temporarily hamper my abilities to update everybody on my situation, but I’ll try my best in all fields that I mentioned above!

I think that’s everything! (if you made it this far, thank you for being patient and listening to this 20-year-old dork introduce himself!)

Gears community, get ready! With the Coalition developing Gears of War, and this community driving the tip of the spear, the only way to go now, is all the way to the top! Brothers to the End!

Oh! And I play Fortnite, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Black Ops 3 as well, if I’m on and you’re looking forward to killing some time…

…and Grubs…



(Maria MMC) #78

I usually keep to myself, but I like to keep up with any new stuff about Gears. I also enjoying playing the games too so… woo.


I been playing Gears since 2007 and I still do till this day despite all of the problems, because it’s still fun to play.

(DarkChaoz95) #80

You know… running it poorly is farbetter than running it to the ground. So that must count for something right? :stuck_out_tongue:

jokes aside, glad to see you and other familiar faces made it here.