Introduce Yourself!

(deadpai) #21

hello! i’m deadpai & i wanna play horde with everyone

(A1rT3cH) #22

Sup Gear Heads!! I am Airtech! See you on the battlefield!!!:grinning:

Have a great day!

(KonTroL RaNgeR) #23

Hello all. I have been playing GoW since 07. I love the game and the movement. Its been a journey. Currently more of a comp player. Love to find more forum friends to play with. Hope to host future forum community nights

(Ektope) #24

Hello, I’m a British player and Gears of War 2 was my first game when I got Xbox 360. I’ve been a Gears fan ever since and a member of Epic Games Forum, the Legacy Forum and now probably this one too. Some might recognise me as SaltyFawn400371 from the Legacy Forum. I’m mostly a Horde player, sometimes I play Versus. Anyways, see you out there. :slight_smile:

(Yegoleo) #25

Proud member of this comunity since Gears 1

(Sponge Rob 85) #26

Loving the new look to the forum been playing gears since 2009


Hello Everyone been around on the forums since G3

(Fable Mills) #28

Hey all. My name is Brandon, also known as Fable Mills. I am a small content creator for Fable eSports. I first found Gears back in 06’ while I was watching my brother play the campaign mission where the Berserker was first introduced. I was scared ■■■■■■■■ when I saw that ridiculous looking thing run towards the screen. Ever since, I was hooked and decided that I wanted in on this. SO, at Christmas 2008, the best thing that ever happened to me dawned upon me, Gears of War 2. Everything about the game was new and refreshing for me, being that I was a Call of Duty guy. The 3PS over the shoulder prespective, the cover system, the brand new Horde mode which had some crazy bosses as well. I couldn’t get enough of Gears, it was like an addiction at that point (even though I was so bad online). Back then, and even now, I was always a multiplayer type of guy. Keep in mind that I wasn’t that good for my first but I was determined to play hours and hours of MP until I got halfway decent to the point where I can win consistent gunfights. Of course years passed and I would say that I am pretty good at the game (not being cocky of course).Gears has evolved for the better and til day, I still actively play Gears and also support the eSports scene and other content creators within the community. With that being said, thank you guys for taking the time to read my little story. Hopefully I see you guys online on Gears 4 (GT: Fable Mills and you will most likely find me on competitive warmup.)

(BeefMasta) #29

I’ve been playing Gears since the beginning. Not been on the forums much but interested to see how this new one works.

(cabavyras) #30

A fan from 2007. I finished the campaign on the display model at the tech shop that sold computers, their parts, peripherals and TVs.

The game amazed me so much, that after few years later I came across an Xbox 360 60GB Jasper bundled with Gears 1 & 2. Box was red with Gears style paintings. Console was plain white, but that didn’t stop me from immersing into the universe of sera and even finding life long friends that I got to meet them in real life and strengthen our relationship even more. We still play gears to this day.

(TheGearsProdigy) #31

What’s up Gears Nation! TheGearsProdigy here, enjoying the new look of the forums.
I’m a content creator on YouTube, I cover everything Gears related. I cover ALL Gears News, From What’s up to informative tweets covered in a video format. I also cover more then just News, Pack unboxings, character/ Weapon skin showcase, lore topics and much more!
I’ve been around since 06, how the time has past.
Gears 2 has my favorite campaign, and Gears 3 had my favorite MP.

(DarthDara) #32

Hi everyone! I’m DarthDara and I first played Gears of War in 2008. I’ve been part of the forums since 2013, during the Epic Games era. I haven’t been as active these past couple of years but I hope to contribute more on this forum!

(OX Lamb Of God) #33

Hello to all me is OX Lamb Of God veteran player on gears of war since 2006 and since 1 day not a day goes by without I play gears I’m French and I live in Paris the city of love :kissing: if one day you spent in France, let me know

(II FORCE ll) #34

I’ve been playing since the first gow, purchased all of them. Bc of work, and personal life, I haven’t played much throughout the years…until gow4.
I’ve never played a game so much! I’ve put in over 20 days, I believe that’s what I saw last time I checked a while back. Doesn’t seem like much compared to others, but I’ve maybe put in less than 10 days between all the other games combined. I would say gow4 is my favorite.
So much so I’m going for my 10th Re-up. I just completed my 9th yesterday.

It’s def come a long way. It’s not perfect, still have issues with it. But it’s a good start.
Just hope you guys can fix all the issues players have had with gow4, and make gow5 the best ever gears with out a doubt.

(BaconMcSwagger) #35

Hi BaconMcSwagger here I’ve been playing GoW since 2007 and haven’t looked back since.

I used to play Gears daily but now a days I don’t play as much. This is mainly due to a lack of friends to play with most of them don’t play anymore unfortunately.

I won’t let that stop me from playing though once a gearshead always a gearshead. See you online.

(HUG3 N3WB) #36


I’m a huge horde player and would love some teammates! I’m a serious horde player who also likes to have a laugh.

I also suffering from chronic pain, so I play at strange hours.

If that sounds good to you, feel free to add me on XBL and we’ll play some Horde!

(II JessLL II) #37

Hello everyone!

I’m Jess and I’ve been playing since 2006. Gears of War is the reason I’m a gamer. I love both versus and horde, though I play pretty casually in both. I’m also part of a content creation team called Tac-Com and I do the ‘Gears Recap’ series (used to be weekly, not so much anymore with slow news).

Happy to be here on the new forums :slight_smile:

(BChaps) #38

@II_JessLL_II houldn’t you be at work?


(xValtiel) #39

Sup. I like playing Gears of War, raging, and being deemed a disappointment by my dad.

(SewerStunt) #40

SewerStunt is my current name but I have been lurking since GOW2 forums,always posting fantasy ideas for Gears of War gameplay and presentation. Huge competitive Escalation Junkie,best game type ever created. Hope to see everyone in the Gears/Halo crossover event!