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Welcome my friend!

(o Magical Hobo) #217

Hi, Never seek perfection because you will never reach it :wink:

(GB6 Kazuya) #218

Speak for yourself.

(GhostofDelta2) #219

What if you can absorb a couple of androids?

(III EnVii III) #220

Better hope there ain’t a Gohan around I guess :eyes:

(xAlphaXPrimex) #221

Hello everyone, I am a returning fan. I have gone away and come back before due to new games peeking my interest but like always I return to this game and I am pleasantly surprised by how fun it is. In its unique simplicity it has so much potential to be the best game ever. It isnt often you find a shooter with a good story.

(hiivasieni) #222

Hey All!
You can call me Late (not to occur that i’m allways late tough). I’m from Finland and have been playing xbox from nearly the start of first xbox was launched, And have been a fan to all the gears at the start of the first one. I’m mostly a solo-player or playing co-op with friends offline.

I had a long pause with gears, saddly i cant play that much during the days with all of my kids running around me. But now i tough to give a punch for Horde at weekend evenings and nights.

Saddly it has rly issue with fleeing people on the horde and i tought that while i’m writing this i could find also some players to get horde with me to conquer the 50th wave. So if youre also interested give me a message.

Waiting for playing with all of you guys!

(Me0wMix CatFood) #223

There’s definitely reliable people looking for other reliables to play with. You can make friends here or do LFG posts (though I don’t know much about those).
I met one of my best friends on Xbox playing Horde. She’s in the same situation as you with kids running around. Getting in some games keeps her sane. :grin:

(ge1riPUNKmazt3r) #224

Hi my name is Ásgeir from Iceland😊 i am having trouble while i am rodie running, my view always gos directly up by itself? Anybody have this problem too? Thank you😊

(acowsik) #225

Hello all,

Name’s Ashwin from India… been a Gears player since 2007 and have played all games prior to Gears 4 with 100% completion on the main series (1 on PC, 2.3 on 360) barring Judgment which I kinda lost interest in after a while.

Just recently picked up Gears 4 on PC about 2 weeks ago and loved the campaign. Currently on my ironman harcore run with a buddy to finally get the last 2 achievements before jumping into Horde and Versus. Almost at 25% of the way to 100% achievement completion.

Favorite char is Cole… absolutely love the energy and enthusiasm he brings to the franchise.

See you all around…


(ArgoBlue) #226

Hi all,

My name is Keith. I have played Gears 1-4 and am looking forward to the next one coming out this fall. My studies and work, unfortunately, leave me with limited playing time but I play when I have the chance.

See you around!


(LoneShooter72) #227

Hello all I’m LoneShooter72 , played a bit of gears many moons ago was average. Got back into gears(and halo) a few days ago and it’s official. I’m dodoo . I’m more of a casual type gamer. I’ve decided a few days ago my focus would be gears and halo since I had all the games but never played them really. And a certain game fourom was very speech stopping if someone had questions. But just looking for a good place to chat and teach me play style that won’t get me killed in 2.3 seconds.

(Gotiish) #228

Hello everybody, my name is Robert an my GT is Gotiish, nowadays I play Gears anly at weekends beacuse of my job, so, but always ejoying that moment with old and new friends.
Hope to meet some new people in Gears 5.

To finidh, i want to ask for a special favor; Can anybody help me with a clear Dizzy’s tattoo design??? if it is real life size would be awesome.

Thank you for the chance, and sorry for the ask.

Greeting form Mexico.

(KnightX187X) #229

hey whats up KnightX187 here , been playing gears from the get go and loved it from the start. cant wait to see part 5 , also if this is seen soon enough looking for some help on the co-op campaign for the gilded RAAM but no worries still kickin a$$ in vs so feel free to hit me up always looking for challanges and just to have fun playing. peace out \m/