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(Extreme Unic0rn) #185

I did not know that! Red heads unite! ; )

(Hammer 732) #186

It’s true. Many of the Royals through out history have had Red hair. I have a friend from Kenya who told me that if we( you and me due to red hair) showed up in his country that the people will bow to you and look down as you pass them. He said people who are natural red heads are considered Royalty in his country. He also told me it’s like that in my countries in Africa. It’s because of our ancestry. Red heads are a rare and special breed. Even the medical field found this out around 1998. They had the data but now it has all been compiled. We feel more pain. Take more anesthesia to knock us out and a bunch more stuff they found out about us red heads. Interesting stuff.

(Extreme Unic0rn) #187

Wow…and I thought I had a bit of an ego…before reading this! ; )

(Hammer 732) #188

No ego just Historical facts. It’s actually in the Heradlry books in England. I am a History Major and love reading about the old world history.

(Extreme Unic0rn) #189

Very cool facts…I had no idea thanks ! : )

(Hammer 732) #190

You are very welcome. You never know until you dig.

(EVIL 0NE) #200

Let’s keep the discussion on topic, please!

This thread is to introduce yourself to the community, and let’s keep it on that topic thank you.

(Fang18) #201

Hello all,

I’m certainly not new to the franchise at all and as I’m sure is the case for all of you, am a diehard fan of the Gears Universe.
I am new, of course, to the forums here and am looking forward to getting to know everyone here.
I often miss my old squad I used to roll with back on gears one but sadly theyve been AFK for years now.
(CopperPolice or nubletnicky if you’re on here we have some catching up to do +f)
You’ll often find me going for the Longshot/Gnasher setup as my go to for pretty much everything multiplayer but am flexible with the weaponry gears offers.
My username here is my xbox live gamer tag though my forum name is subject to change so to avoid confusion in the future
GT: Fang18

I like the setup of this forum as it’s the exact same setup as the Evolve forums I frequent.

Obsessed with Gears cosplay even though I’ve never been able to participate.
And that’s about it. Look forward to meeting you all

(Buster McTunder) #202

Ah I had 1300+ posts on the old forums. How come I can’t be a community veteran?

(GB6 Kazuya) #203

You have to have joined the old forums before October 6th 2016.


Did you get a fancy robe and crown as well?


Just a really sweet Tag to add next to your GT. It’s Super Sweet if you ask me

(GB6 Kazuya) #206

Didn’t we all? I knew I was special :crazy_face:

(Buster McTunder) #207

I swear I joined like Sep 2015

(GB6 Kazuya) #208

I see. Well, maybe not. Double check your Badges in your Profile.

(NinjaChang YT) #211

Any1 remember me lol hint, my tube tv loool. Sry for being so aids holy hell…

(V8xSUPrEMeGT) #212

What’s going on! First time posting on this forum so let’s see how it goes… Been playing since Gears 2 and I’m currently trying to figure out how I can join a clan or team of experienced Gearplayers, kinda tired of playing with people who, to put it nicely, dont know what they’re doing. Shoot me a DM @V8xSUPrEMeGT if you’re interested. Thanks!

(CYNERGY94) #213

Hello !

I Used to be an avid Gears fan. Huge time played on the original trilogy.

I have moved to PC gaming now but I bought Gears 4 but have yet to install it. I was wondering if it is just plain better on the Xbox or does it not matter seeing as it is cross-platform ?

I played the original 3 under EVAmidnight and Cynxrgy if any of you guys remember. Hit me up I would love to play again !<3

See you out there !


Hello played gears of war since Gears 2,massive horde player,sadly versus,(I’m more of a bullet magnet)nickname patches,real name Andy,I’m am a disabled gamer/happy go lucky guy,hope to play with u all soon

(Spatial Oberon) #215

Spatial Oberon, formerly known as Drxary. Chill yet serious and a pretty big gears fan since Gears 1.
Some semi decent gameplay, I almost always only play execution and have always loved that game mode forever, except for Gears 2, that was exe and guardian. Sub on YouTube and follow @