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Hello all and welcome to the new forums :grinning:

For those of you that don’t know me. My name is James and I’m from Australia and very happily married with 3 children.

I have been a Gears forum moderator since 2012
(back in the Epic Games era). When Microsoft purchased the Gears of War rights I was approached by TC (Black Tusk back then) to come along and continue helping out on the forums. It’s been an amazing time for me, I have made many friends, had my first trip overseas (to visit TC in Vancouver), been through several forum relaunches and Gears game launches. I have loved every second of the experience and hopefully will continue on this journey for many years to come.

I’m for the most part a behind the scenes type of person. Happy to just work away in the background doing what I love, helping to make the forums a better place for everyone. I am aiming to come out from the shadows a bit more and am going to host the odd fun event here and there.

I’m mostly a Horde player and am an average mp player. I play Gears out of pure enjoyment of the game and I have been hooked on the Gears story since Gears 1.

Anyhow enough of my boring story, tell us yours.



Gears 4 is my first Gears game. I just started about a year ago and strictly played horde. I just started playing versus in Season 3. It’s pretty fun.

Servers and lag compensation could use some work. Some of the attitudes and general community behavior in-game could also use a fire hose and google translate. But if you are playing with or against a decent group of people it’s always a good and competitive experience.

I’m glad you updated your forum. I’m excited to see if there will still be folks trying to sell me black magic love potions for 100 rupees at 3am.


RetroTypes here, formerly CJ1825, been lurking since the Gears forums came out and a member since the Gears 3 beta. Hardly ever on here anymore but I have to be able to say I stopped by haha.


hello all I am Embry Starred!


Hey! Dastardly here! I’m a pretty trash player but I thoroughly enjoy the franchise! You can find me on YT and Twitter and follow me for news, gameplay music videos and a little salty humor! Just don’t take me too seriously. I’ll be offended.


We are Cogcouple, sexiest Gears players alive.


Hello everyone!
So my name is Monte, and I am located in Southern California, Been playing Gears since 2006!!
I have been part of the Gears of War community since 2008, and fell in love with this community when I joined my first GearsCon event on Gears of War 2. Ever since then I have been creating, hosting community themed events with the community. Worked with community organizations like GearsCon, GFC, and Reaper Festival, I have met some amazing people from all over the world, and still play with almost everyday.

I’ve been a moderator for TC since 2014, and it’s been some amazing year being part of this community. I’m willing to answer questions, and happy to help in anyway possible. I do play on a regular basis, and hope to see you on the battlefield killing some grubs… Please feel free to message me, or flag a post if you have questions, or concerns.

See you around, and happy to be part of this community, Much Love!


Jimm. Been floating around since gears1 and those original forums. But still here. Let’s see how long this new new forum lasts.


Hello my name is Anthony. I am a casual horde player


Hello Everyone!
Glad to see the new Forums up and running!
I’m Bazinski and I’ve been playing Gears for the better part of my life. Some of you will recognize me from the old forums but i plan to be much more active as we get the new system up on it’s feet.


Feels good to he back on the forums!


Hi im Onyx Guard aka Sean but everyone calls me Onyx. I do youtube. Streaming. Event hosting and own a community squad called crimson :slight_smile:


As a young boy, Jay's Uncle unleashed the POWER which was GEARS OF WAR! Jay sawed, bodied and brutalised anything in his path! But then... He finished the campaign... and had no means of online capabilities at the time. One Birthday, he received an Xbox 360 and a copy of gears of war 2! He played day, night, evening, morning, afternoon, ALL THE TIME! But once again, no online capability. Luckily for him. There were bots. He mastered casual, he mastered normal, he mastered INSANE! Anyway. Come 2014. Internet was up, terrible, but there. A twitter account was made. His first follower was Stacey (@Flak) and from there, he knew. The Gears community was for him. Not only could he reach HUNDREDS of Gears heads like himself, HE COULD PLAY GEARS OF WAR ONLINE!OH THE FUN! THE JOY! Not only that, but he made some amazing friends. He'd look forward to coming online from a bad day of school to come and play with his favorite and most trusted friends. Good times were had and they continue to happen.
"I have the community to thank for that. Thank you."


Hey all,

My name is DarkChaoz and I’m one of the subreddit moderators over at /r/Gearsofwar. Been a part of the forum community since Gears has transitioned to Microsoft and been an active user for the most part. With the launch of these new forums I hope to be active again.

A bit about myself:

  • I’m a law student and my time at uni is nearing it’s end. Just one more exam to go and I will be graduating with a law degree.

  • Im a Web Dev ( though probably not expdrienced though)and Iwork on some stuff as a hobby from time to time in order to develop my programming knowledge.

So yeah, that’s all you need to know about me for now :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope to see more familiar faces make there way here!


There 'e is!

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Hi peeps Revolver 85 here aka Rev. Been playing since Emergence Day 2006! Yes I’m old!! Die hard Gears fan #GearsInk! Love playing Inconceivable/ Insane horde! Found playing a bit of KOTH and Escalation! Hit me up if you fancy a game :fire:


Hey it’s Lucky! Been a long time fan and an active forum user since GOW2. Happy to help any community member any way that I can!


What’s up, I’m Brave one 138 long time lurker don’t really post stuff. You’ll probably find me playing king of the hill on Gears 4.